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Watch this kid jump for joy when his lost toy ‘returns from vacation’

Ethan had Peter since birth. So, after six years of taking him everywhere, it was devastating when he lost him on a bus ride.



By Ollie Buckley via SWNS

This is the moment a boy who sparked a global postcard campaign over his lost toy jumps and screams with joy - after his family placed a replacement on the doorstep and pretended it came back from vacation.

Ethan Mccann, six, was devastated when his Peter Rabbit teddy, dressed in a tiny replica of David Beckham’s soccer uniform from the 1998 World Cup, went missing on a bus ride.

His grandma Rosalyn Ainsworth posted dozens of messages across social media in the hope of finding Peter.

Ethan received tons of postcards from around the world from people saying they were Peter - and he was just on vacation.

But now, Peter has been recreated with the same blue feet and England soccer uniform he was wearing when he went missing.

Ethan was overwhelmed to see his friend again – who came back with a new fling named Flopsy and suitcases full of clothes and souvenirs from his "trip."

Ethan Mccann's original Peter Rabbit toy.(SWNS)
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Ethan’s mom Sam Ainsworth, from Worcestershire, England said: “It was such a good reaction, it was amazing to see how excited he was.

“He was almost crying he was that happy, it was really emotional.

“I know it sounds silly, but he [the toy] was his life since he was born, so it was a big deal

Ethan Mccann with his Peter Rabbit toy. (SWNS)

“My mum and her friend put all that effort in – she’s bloody amazing.”

Ethan had Peter since birth, after his grandma bought it for him. So, after six years of taking him everywhere, it was devastating when he lost him on a bus ride.

Sam said: “We were on a family holiday in Brixham.

“We got on the number 12 bus, me and Ethan were sat the top. We got off and were walking towards the beach when all of a sudden, I said ‘have you got Peter?’

“I suddenly realized I didn’t spot it and he said, ‘no I left him on the bus.’

“Your heart just sinks, and you think ‘oh god.’

"We’d literally walked a few meters, but the bus had already gone.”

Ethan never expected Peter to return, but Sam and her family staged a dramatic reunion where the toy rabbit turned up on the doorstep last Friday (September 10).

Sam added: “We usually go around to my mum’s on Friday afternoons.

Ethan Mccann reunited with his Peter the Rabbit toy. (SWNS)

“We came in first and then my brother came half an hour after and set up the stuff outside the door.

“We did a knock on the wall to make it seem as though there was a knock on the door.

“Then we all went to the front door and Ethan saw Peter sitting outside with all his stuff.

“There was a sleeping bag and pillow and souvenirs from all the places.

“Ethan wasn’t aware he was going to come back, he just thought he was still away on his travels.

“He is still excited about it now.”

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