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Bride hits ball right into new husband’s groin during wedding game



Video grab of bride hitting a ball into her husband's groin. (Grant Alexander via SWNS)

By Daniel Jae Webb via SWNS

This is the unfortunate moment a bride playing a game at her wedding smacked a ball straight into her new husband's groin.

Blushing bride Sarah Chesterfield took a swing of the bat and sent the ball crashing painfully into new hubbie Matt Chesterfield.

But she didn't didn't blink an eye, continuing to run the field as crowds of family and friends belly laughed.

The unexpected incident happened at the Carlyon Bay Hotel in Cornwall, England on September 25.

Videographer Grant Alexander, filmed the event and the bride's sister, Hailey MacDonald, shared the video on TikTok.

The amusing footage has been viewed over 450,000 times.

Hailey said: "My sister was adamant that we were all going to play rounders, so that's what we did. The video shows the first throw from the groom.''

Rounders is a ball game similar to softball and baseball that has been popular in UK and Ireland since Tudor times.

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