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WATCH: Join this man as he base jumps of a 1,640-foot cliff

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By Jamie Smith via SWNS

This vertigo-inducing point of view footage of a base jump will blow your mind.

Antony Newton filmed himself jumping off the 1,640 feet( 500 meter) high cliff to mark his 1,130th leap of faith.

Antony, from Lorraine, France, said: “I was following my buddy Marc. We are jumping from this 500 meter cliff. It is a technical jump because you must track-move forward horizontally while free falling to clear the ledge.

“Here you get the impression that my friend is going to the wall, but it's because I'm moving forward more than him. It is called a parallax effect.

"In the end you can see that our parachutes open far from the cliff. This was my 1,130th base-jump. It was a blast.

“Following friends on jumps like this one is something extraordinary! It's difficult to explain the feeling but it's a lot of concentration."

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