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Walrus ‘size of a small fridge’ caught snoozing in harbor



By Fiona Jackson via SWNS

A walrus "the size of a small fridge" was spotted Sunday morning "chilling" on the Northumberland coast.

The large brown animal was first seen by tourists at Seahouses Harbour.

Andrew Douglas, 49, who lives in the area and owns a boat tour company, said he's never seen a walrus in home waters before.

"All of our staff are gobsmacked - it's absolutely amazing," he said.

"It's still chilling there now, not giving a monkeys."

He tweeted his photo with the caption: "A walrus having a snooze on the rocks at Seahouses harbour.

"I'm not sure if it's Wally, but who cares? It's amazing."

World-famous walrus, Wally, was spotted in Wales, Cornwall and Ireland earlier this year, before last being seen in Iceland in September.

He started his European tour in March and was often seen hauling his 1763 lb (800 kg) body on to a boat for a nap.

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