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This artist paints jaw-dropping creations on her own jaw

“My face is my canvas."

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By Richard McAllister via SWNS

These jaw-dropping designs are the brainchild of a talented artist who spends up to 12 hours a day creating masterpieces - on her own FACE.

Mariah Malik has before gone viral for her stunning face paint creations.

Screenshot of Mariah Malik's face paint. (Mariah Malik via SWNS)

“My face is my canvas," said the Coventry, England woman.

"I’ve not seen anyone do this kind of thing before, maybe doodles but definitely not full-on masterpieces like this."

Mariah painstakingly crafts the unique works of art by standing in front of a mirror in her bedroom for seven to 12 hours at a time.

Video of Mariah Malik shot in 2019 when she was 18. (SWNS)

“They take seven to 12 hours to complete usually and I do it in front of a mirror," she said.

"It's all freehand and I just start my drawing after assessing the angles and contours of my face.

“I don’t get bored but I do get tired because I’m sat there for hours - the results are really worth it though."

Mariah has spent years honing her skills to create a variety of extraordinarily detailed masterpieces inspired by holidays, nature and films.

Her homage to the Sandra Bullock Netflix hit "Bird Box" and a scene from Disney’s 'The Princess and the Frog" went viral on social media.

Others feature astonishing cityscapes of New York and Tokyo, while other more sinister-looking designs wouldn't look out of place in a horror film.

“Each design I pick is either a movie I'm inspired by or holidays I've been on. Some are fantasy animals with backgrounds I’ve managed to make up myself," Mariah said.

“I’ve done all sorts, from Thomas Kinkade landscape pictures, which have puzzles inside them, to places that I’ve visited like Turkey, Japan and San Francisco.

"I generally work during the night and the most difficult one I've done was New York, as it was hard to capture all the lights and scenes over the buildings.

“One of my favorite creations was the teeth design, they came in front of my eyes but I was able to see through the gaps to complete it.

"It's sad that you have to take it all off when you're done - but it's OK if you get some good pictures out of it."

Mariah has studied foundation art and design at Coventry University but hopes one day she can become a professional artist.

“What I do isn’t make-up really, I tend to use face paints more," she said.

“I started doing this two years ago putting on cartoon characters and doodles and it’s something that’s evolved.

“When I started off I was not so good but I've managed to improve my skills a lot."

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