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Bears gobble leftovers from giant vegetable competition

“The bears know when it’s chow time," said Sarah Howard, Curator of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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Two bears go to town on leftover greens from a vegetable competition. (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center via SWNS)

By Fiona Jackson viaSWNS

These bears got to chow down on colossal veggies - all donated from Alaska State Fair's giant vegetable competition.

The prize-winning cabbages, courgettes and pumpkins from this year's fair were driven to a bear habitat in Portage on a tractor.

The hungry bears then bounded over to begin their feast, and can be seen pawing through the greens, some of which weighed over 77 pounds.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center via SWNS
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The Alaska State Fair spans over two weeks from late August to early September, involving numerous vegetable competitions like a Pumpkin Weigh-Off and Potato Parade.

Every year, organizers generously offer up to 992 pounds of the remaining vegetables to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to feed to their six bears.

They each eat an average of 30 pounds of produce per day.

This year, the first place pumpkin weighed 1,603.5 pounds and the winning cabbage weighed 86.15 pounds.

Sarah Howard, the Curator from Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, said: “The bears know when it’s chow time.

"They were very hungry bears for produce this year."

The videos were filmed on September 10, 2021.

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