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Joyful moment proud parents find out their son passed Bar Exam

“We really didn’t have much growing up and my parents sacrificed so much, so now I’m thrilled to be able to give them the support they deserve."

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By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

Watch these parent's heartwarming reaction to their son passing the California Bar Exam after seven years of studying.

Wajeeh Mahmood, 26, filmed his family's reaction after they moved across the globe from Pakistan to give him a decent education.

“I wanted to record their reaction as I knew the result meant so much to my parents. They left their home country of Pakistan to come to America, start a family and give us an amazing life," said Wajeeh, from Los Angeles, California.

“This was the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life. My mom would always say ‘my son’s going to be a lawyer when he grows up,' so everything I’d been hearing since I was a child came down to these results.

“My parents have sacrificed everything for me to succeed, so now I can finally give back to them and support them just as they did for me."

Wajeeh emphasized that despite his parents' unconditional love and support, passing the Bar Exam was no easy feat.

He added: “I’ve been studying for this exam for seven years and the California Bar is notorious as one of the hardest exams in the US.

“All the years I spent growing up knowing this was my dream, trying my hardest in school and the countless nights I spent awake, studying, were made worthwhile in this moment.”

Wajeeh is used to filming his life for social media, but said that this was the most nerve-wracking video he’s done since starting YouTube in 2015.

He said: “My heart was beating so fast! I wasn't super unconfident after the exam so I wasn’t sure whether to even record in case I had failed.

“The reaction from people online was overwhelming. I felt so much love and I was just so grateful for the support from my friends, family. God and everyone who helped me get to this point.

“I will now be working at a law firm in Los Angeles, practicing Corporate and Entertainment Law. I’m the first lawyer in my family!

“We really didn’t have much growing up and my parents sacrificed so much so now I’m thrilled to be able to give them the support they deserve.

“In my culture, it’s so important to make your parents proud and be able to look after them just as they did for you when you were growing up. It feels amazing to be able to achieve this dream for them.

“I hope people realize the impact that their hard work and success has on those around them. This moment made every late night worth it.

“I’ve paved the way for future generations, made my parents so proud and given them complete faith in me. They know I’m going to succeed and don’t have to sacrifice for me anymore.”

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