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Polly wants to smack ya! Jealous parrot absolutely despises owner’s boyfriend

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By Jamie Smith via SWNS

This jealous and very protective pet parrot absolutely HATES his owner's boyfriend.

Dusty, a cute 12-year-old cockatiel, is incredibly attached to his owner Kerri Neville.

But doting Dusty does like sharing his owner's love and affection with anyone else - least of all her boyfriend Ryan.

These hilarious videos show hapless Ryan attempting to win Dusty's respect, but is spurned at every turn by the sassy bird.

Twenty-three-year-old Kerri Neville, who shares an apartment with Dusty and Ryan in New York, said: “I adopted Dusty from a breeder when I was in 5th grade.

"He was the only bird that had a birth defect (his missing tail) and that made my heart melt. I knew I needed to have him.

“Dusty is sassy, possessive and adventurous."

“He has been attached to me as his owner ever since the first day I got him, he does not like anyone else even my family members who he has lived with for most of his life."

“So it is Dusty's instinct that anyone that is not me is a threat, so he does not like them."

“I also believe that Dusty likes to play-fight. Dusty is not scared of my boyfriend as he goes around and searches for him to fight."

“Dusty instigates every interaction. I try to follow and videotape when I can. No one fights back, which makes him feel like he owns the world."

Dusty, a cute 12-year-old cockatiel, is incredibly attached to his owner and hates her boyfriend. (Screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

“The videos incorporates Dusty's sass and attitude. Dusty's little waddle and feisty personality is just funny. He loves to share the fact that this is his world, and we are all just living in it."

“I find it funny when Dusty goes after the boyfriend. I know nobody's getting hurt and how happy Dusty gets when he finds him and wins the battle."

“Dusty likes to fight; he will fight anyone, not just my boyfriend. I can promise he is safe, happy, healthy, gets lots of love, and whistles to me all day.

"Just because birds are small, they are mighty and will protect their owners at all costs.”

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