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How this 12-year-old launched a successful career as a drag queen

"He started doing make-up properly when he was about five” 

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Video by KMG via SWNS

By Laoise Gallagher via SWNS

A 12-year-old boy has launched a career as a drag queen, just like the coming-of-age musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie.

Miles Pullman, who performs under the name Miss Oatie T, has already appeared on stage with the stars of RuPaul's Drag Race UK and has taken his local Pride event by storm.

The talented tween, who performs under the name Miss Oatie T, has the full support of his family to pursue his dream of becoming a drag superstar.

On the surface, Miles looks like your average 12-year-old boy but after school, his life could not be more different to his peers.  

While many young boys dream of becoming professional football players or e-sports stars Miles perfects his artistry in dance, make-up, and mixing music tracks for future performances.

Dresses, wigs, and body padding all contribute to his flamboyant transformation into 'Miss Oatie T.’

He first went out in public in head-to-toe drag last month wearing a pink wig and black dress, becoming an attraction at Glitterbomb in the Park - a ticketed festival for the LGBTQ+ community in the UK.

Miles Pullman and his mom Nicola (KMG via SWNS)

At the event Miles caught the attention of British businessman Duncan Bayles who booked him for a performance at the Sundowners Bar in England just a day later. 

Word soon spread on social media and he was invited to meet stars of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, The Vivienne and Cheryl Hole, at Netflix's live tour when they performed last week at Sundowners Bar. 

Miles Pullman on stage(KMG via SWNS)

Backstage after his first major gig on Saturday [09/11/2021] Miles said he has always been Miss Oatie T, but only recently built the confidence to take her out of his home in Kent, UK. 

He said: "Miss Oatie T is my drag persona which has come across mainly in 2021. I've been her all my life, but I've started to see her coming out more in 2021.

"Mostly everyone really likes Miss Oatie T, but then there are the odd couple of people who say no I don't like that at all."

His mom Nicola said: "I have no 'normal' baby pictures of Miles really. He has always been over the top.

"He always had a Michael Jackson wig on his head and loved a lipstick. He started doing make-up properly when he was about five.” 

Miles Pullman receives a hug from his dad backstage(KMG via SWNS)

Nicola stressed that she chooses to support her children in whatever they decide to do. 

"I have five boys and I'm proud of each and every one of them. I just want to let them experience everything they want to experience - from footballers to drag queens.”

Inspired by the queens before him, Miles' ambitions for the future include working in a clothing store by the day, then transforming into Miss Oatie T every evening to perform at sold-out shows.

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