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Good Samaritan returns ring year after it was lost in the ocean

"This whole thing has really restored my faith in humanity."



By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A husband who lost his wedding ring in the ocean on his anniversary was astonished when strangers found it on a rock - and tracked him down to hand it back.

Calvin Jorden-Ames, 28, lost his custom-engraved ring during a photoshoot with his wife, Alexis Jorden-Ames, also 28, in July 2020.

It slipped off his finger after he jumped into the water in South Kona, Hawaii.

They feared it was gone forever - but a month later Ryan Priest, 32, and his wife Corinne, 29, were jumping at the same spot when Ryan found the ring on a lava rock.

Desperate to find the owner, the couple, who run a photography business on the island, decided to make a video on TikTok sharing their discovery.

Alexis Jorden-Ames/SWNS YouTube

Bizarrely, a year later, the photographer who directed Calvin and Alexis' ill-fated shoot where they lost the ring, spotted Ryan's video and recognized the ring inscription.

Ryan contacted Alexis and they arranged to surprise Calvin with the ring on September 25, capturing his joyful reaction on camera.

The lost ring. (Photo by Alexis Jorden-Ames via SWNS)

In the heartwarming video Ryan and Corinne can be seen pretending to be tourists at the beach where the ring was originally lost.

Poised and ready, Alexis films Ryan producing the ring out of a handful of sand and present it to her husband, as if he'd just found it that moment.

Upon realizing what's happened, Calvin immediately embraces Ryan, despite only meeting him seconds earlier.

Alexis, from South Kona, Hawaii, said: "I literally broke down in tears when they contacted me about the ring - it was such an emotional moment.

"I knew straight away it was mine when they asked me to recite the special inscription on the inside.

"This whole thing has really restored my faith in humanity and that feeling of getting something back you thought you'd never see again is amazing.

"I wanted to surprise Calvin with the news and have something to look back on...this will be an amazing story we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

"I'm so grateful to Ryan and Corrine for their efforts, and now Calvin has the ring back we'll certainly think twice before cliff diving in the future!"

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