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Mom captures toddler’s tough transition from sleeping in crib to ‘big girls’ bed’

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By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A mom has filmed her two-year-old daughter struggling to transition from crib to a proper bed and all the funny positions she has found her in.

Megan Foster, 28, decided to transition daughter Oaklyn into her "big girls' bed" after her birthday.

But things didn't quite go to plan when the toddler started shuffling in her sleep and ending up everywhere but her mattress.

In the video montage, filmed by business owner Megan, Oaklyn can be seen in a variety of different positions - including under her bed and curled up at the end of it.

The footage shows how she's still getting used to not being constrained by the four walls of her cot, and the results are adorable.

"Oaklyn has always been a great sleeper," saidMegan, from Kelowna, Canada.

"She has slept through the night since five months old, but started climbing out of her crib just after her second birthday.

"She’s my little wild child and I tried everything to keep her in her crib, but she would climb out almost instantly.

"I decided it was time to transition her, but I wasn’t prepared for it to happen so quickly so she didn’t have a bed rail yet.

"These clips are from the first week of her big girl bed around 9 P.M. every evening where she would fall asleep all over her room - it was the funniest thing.

"It only took about two weeks for it to stop happening whilst she got used to the changes.

"The only time she gets out of bed now is to come and snuggle with me which is always very welcome!"

The videos were filmed in August 2021.

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