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Woman celebrates turning 100 with stair climb equal to height of Mount Everest

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Ivy Richmond, 100, completing her 10,000 meter stair climb. (Amanda Richmond via SWNS)

By Harrison Moore via SWNS

A senior has marked her 100th birthday by climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest up and down her stairs — supported by her niece who was the oldest British woman to scale the real mountain.

Ivy Richmond climbed nine flights of 18 stairs a day since she turned 99 last year.

She turned 100 on October 23 and has now completed her 32,808 ft (10,000m) journey - the same distance as a hike up Everest.

Ivy Richmond, 100, from Kensgrave, Suffolk completed a 10,000-meter stair climb over the course of a year between 2020/2021. (Amanda Richmond via SWNS) .

"Our family has a history of climbing so I decided I would climb Everest," saidIvy, from Kesgrave, England.

Ivy actually surpassed Everest's summit - which sits at a whopping 29,035 ft (8,850 m).

She was supported by her niece Amanda Richmond, 66, who climbed Everest for real with her husband back in 2009 - at the time the oldest British woman to conquer Everest when she was 54.

"Ivy's really fit and active so we wanted to think of a challenge which wasn't too strenuous but would keep her healthy," saidAmanda, a retired teacher.

"We talked about Everest and she was instantly hooked on the idea, and I think part of that was because of the history of climbing in our family.

Ivy Richmond, 100, from Kensgrave, Suffolk completing her 10,000-meter stair climb over the course of a year between 2020/2021 (L) and Ivy's niece Amanda Richmond, 66, when she climbed Mount Everest for real in 2009. (Amanda Richmond via SWNS).

"I was able to really help her in likening the climb to the real deal and it was amazing as I was able to relive my experience a bit through her.

On one afternoon's climb, Ivy even wore the same jacket that Amanda was wearing when she reached Everest's summit.

Amanda constructed a wallchart of all the major checkpoints she'd have surpassed on her ascent to the top.

Ivy took on the mammoth journey in memory of her niece Margaret Richmond, who sadly passed away aged 30.

Margaret spent a lot of her childhood in St Ormond Street Hospital, and by completing the stair-climb Ivy has raised a whopping $3,622 (£2,630) for the children's institution.

Thankfully during lockdown, she was able to continue with her daily walks because the back stairs were close to her room.

This meant she could use them without getting close to other residents and risking catching COVID.

The wallchart Ivy used to compare checkpoints on Everest to how far she'd climbed. (Amanda Richmond via SWNS)

She said a large part of her inspiration came from the late Captain Tom Moore who walked 100 lengths of his garden in aid of NHS charities.

Ivy's nieces Amanda Richmond and Sarah Norman, 72, played a big part in helping organize the challenge, and they were able to motivate her along the way.

"She was desperate to raise money for St Ormand Street and have a goal that she could work towards every day, so in the end stair climbing seemed like the perfect fit," Amanda said.

"She climbed every day between her 99th and 100th birthday apart from Christmas - which shows her level of commitment to get the job done.

"We are all immensely proud of her."

Ivy celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by friends and family, and was gifted an exercise bike by her nieces.

She's already planning her next charitable event, which involves cycling 874 miles from Land's End to John o' Groats in the coming months.

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