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German Shepherd and Morkie play the ultimate game of tag

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By Jamie Smith via SWNS

This hilarious video of a tiny Morkie and German Shepherd chasing each other around a pool is like a scene from a Looney Tunes' cartoon.

Three-year-old full breed German Shepherd Brooks and Bentley, a seven-month-old Morkie (a Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier cross), are the best of friends.

Owners Norma-Jean Jones, 55, and Mark Jones share the comedy doggy duo chasing each other around the pool in their back yard.

Little and large give each other the slip with neither pup giving an inch.

“These little dudes are so much fun! They love being with each other," said mortage broker Norma Jean, from San Antonio, Texas.

“This big shepherd would never hurt our little Bentley! He is very gentle and will always take care of him!

“Life would be so much better if we all were just like them! Big Giant with a huge heart!”

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