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Dove released at man’s funeral returns home to family next day

"The return of the dove gave me peace in my heart.”

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By Jamie Smith via SWNS

This is the miracle moment a dove released at a man’s funeral returned to the family home the following day - with a feather in its beak.

The family had said goodbye to beloved Martin Gonzalez.

Martin's sister Elizabeth Lopez filmed her parents releasing doves at the funeral in a beautiful tribute.

But the following day, whilst still in mourning at her parent's home, Elizabeth and her family were visited by a single white dove.

Astonishingly, the family checked with the woman who supplied the doves, who confirmed the bird was one that was released at the funeral on Thursday, July 8th, 2021.

The parents of the deceased relating the dove on the day of his burial. (Screenshot viaElizabeth Lopez/SWNS YouTube)

The amazing moment was captured on camera and has touched hearts on the internet ever since Elizabeth posted it on her TikTok account.

Elizabeth, 33, from Modesto, California, said: “On Thursday July 8th, 2021 my brother, Martin Gonzalez was laid to rest. We had a dove release at his burial.

“My parents let go of one of the doves and my three older sisters and I opened a basket of two dozen.

“The doves in the basket are trained to follow the first dove my parents let go of.

“My family and I had a rosary, which is part of our catholic religion. This rosary (Novenario) is held for nine days after a person is buried.

“The first night we had the novenario a few family members and friends were out at my parents home garage sharing memories about my brother. Suddenly, they all saw a white dove with a feather in its beak.

“It flew on top of my sister's car and just looked at everyone. My mom reached her hand out and the dove got very close to her.

“I immediately began making a video on my phone and taking pictures. I sent those pictures to the lady that owns the doves. She confirmed that it was the same dove my mom let go of at the burial. It had the same exact id tags on its legs.

“I initially couldn't believe it. It didn't make any sense to me. I had just lost my best friend who was also my only brother. I was grieving and seeing a dove was the last thing I cared about.

“I have had millions of comments and many have been very positive. Many reacted in pure amazement. Many have said it was a miracle.

“Others have said it was Martin's spirit making sure that his family knows he made it to heaven.

“What I want people to take from this video is that our loved ones will always be with us. As hard as it has been coming to terms that my brother is gone. I know he will always send signs to myself and family.

“The return of the dove gave me peace in my heart.”

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