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Blac Chyna center of investigation after woman allegedly held hostage in her hotel room



By Harrison Moore via SWNS

Blac Chyna is at the center of a police investigation after allegations a woman was held hostage in a hotel room after a party.

The celeb was staying at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento, California for a Black Friday event when she decided to host a late-night gathering in her hotel suite, sources said.

Videographer Ron Knighton, 35, said he was invited up to her room with his female friend for drinks after the event.

But he claims the model became agitated and swore at his pal because she felt she was interjecting too much on the group's conversation.

He claims they tried to leave, but his friend was held in the room.

Video footage filmed by Ron from the hotel corridor captures the moment Chyna eventually releases his terrified friend after she was allegedly kept inside for 20 minutes.

As she opens the door, his friend storms out with tears in her eyes as Chyna, dressed in a full pink tracksuit, stands in the doorway.

Ron said his friend called the police shortly after the incident and claims they are investigating.

Ron, from Sacramento, California, said: "It was really strange because the evening actually started really well.

"Everyone was enjoying themselves, the drinks were flowing and the energy in the suite was real good.

"The vibe immediately changed so at that point we thought it was best to leave - but when I went to walk out she shut the door behind me and kept my friend in the room.

"I don't know what she was trying to achieve but it was just embarrassing and a very disturbing end to the night."

The Sacramento Police Department said the force was made aware of a disturbance at the hotel on November 27 at 3am.

A spokesperson said: “A dispute between two parties occurred, and the incident was resolved at the scene by the individuals involved. No injuries were reported.”

“The department is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and the investigation remains active.”

Blac Chyna has been approached for a comment.

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