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Meet Newt, the rescue dog who resembles a grumpy old man



By SWNS Staff

A puppy has a facial injury which makes him look like - a ‘grumpy old man’.

Newt's mother bit his face when he was born which led him to lose his entire upper snout.

The pup's original owners could not afford healthcare so surrendered him to the Texas branch of NYBC (New York Bully Crew).

The pooch's plight caught the attention of Liesl Wilhardt the founder of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Refuge.

Liesl adopted 'Baby Bru' from over 3,000 miles away and renamed him ‘Newt’. He now lives with her in Eugene, Oregon.

Liesl said: ''Newt was rescued as a tiny puppy.

“I don’t know why the mother dog bit her puppy, it could have been a horrible accident.

“The owners could not afford vet care so “Brute” was surrendered to the New York Bully Crew (NYBC) who had rescue partners in Texas where Brute was born.

“They posted photos and videos of Baby Bru on their Instagram account. That’s where I first saw him, and I fell in love. I wanted to adopt Newt as a personal dog.”

Newt has not let his rough start in life get him down and now lives a happy life in the loving care of Liesl and his adopted ‘siblings’ Picasso and Wacku.


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His injuries have healed leaving him with an endearing and strangely cute look that looks like a cross between his amphibious namesake and a grumpy old man.

"We had BabyBru flown to Oregon in July.

“I was so incredibly happy to finally have him here with us after following his story at NYBC for all those months.

“I have to hand feed him everything he eats because he has a hard time getting food into his mouth and he also cannot be allowed to eat too much at once or else he will vomit it up.

“I changed his name from Brute to Newt! A newt is like a salamander and I thought he looked a bit like one!”

Liesl spoke about the relationship between her and her newest addition to the family:

“Newt is extremely bonded to me. He follows me everywhere and is also very gentle and affectionate. He knows he’s dependent on me for his food and he LOVES his food!

“Newt is very smart and very playful. I noticed as soon as I got him that despite his lack of an upper mandible he wants to carry EVERYTHING!!!”

Liesl already cares for special needs animals, a wonky faced dog by the name of Picasso and Wacku, a dog who also lost his snout.

"Newt fit right into my dog family, and everyone liked him from the beginning. He’s very playful and goofy like a normal puppy but also smart and respectful of the other dogs.

“He and Picasso hit it off right away! Picasso loves to play and he and Newt can chase each other like crazy and wrestle non-stop.

“I love the “disabled” dogs because they do not know they are any different and they are determined to make the most of what they have. They embrace life and unlike people, do not feel sorry for themselves or think about what they have lost.”

You can follow Newts adventures on Instagram @picassothewonkyandwacku and on TiKTok @picassoandnewt

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