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Rescue pup has Christmas wish granted with tiny wheelchair

“You will never find a more grateful heart than in a dog than one that you’ve rescued.”


Toby taking a spin on his new wheels. (Walkin' Pets via SWNS)

By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

This special needs rescue puppy had his Christmas wish granted with a tiny wheelchair to help him walk.

ShihTzu Yorkie mix Toby was born with Hydrocephalus, a condition that makes it difficult for him to stand or walk on his own.

The nine-week-old pup was born with deformed back legs. When not in his wheelchair, he has a drag bag that protects his legs and chest from scraping on the ground.

His owner was considering euthanizing him until the Florida Yorkie Rescue stepped in.

The nine-week-old pup was born with deformed legs. Florida Yorkie Rescue saved him from being put down. (Walkin' Pets via SWNS)

“Every life is worth living, just because he has some challenges, they are never too big for Florida Yorkie Rescue,” said rescue president and founder Kit DeRoche.

Toby’s story was shared via social media and New Hampshire-based pet mobility company, Walkin’ Pets, was touched when they saw it.

The team wanted to grant Toby’s Christmas wish of helping him walk on his own and jumped into action.

They flew from New Hampshire to Florida to deliver Toby his first-ever Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to help him stand and walk on his own.

Little Toby, a ShihTzu Yorkie mix, can now move independently (Walkin' Pets via SWNS)

The wheelchair is fully adjustable to allow Toby to keep using it as he gets bigger. It also will help him to maintain his balance and strengthen his legs as he grows.

Toby was quick to take to his new wheelchair and Kit is excited for his future.

“The wheelchair will help him to build up the strength in his front legs,” she said.

“I’m very optimistic and I think he is too!”

Toby with his new owner Kit Deroche (Walkin' Pets via SWNS)

Toby was able to get another wish granted as well: finding his forever home with Kit.

Kit encourages people to consider special needs dogs like Toby, and believes they can make a great addition to the family.

“I would certainly encourage most people who want to give a little special needs dog a chance,” Kit said.

“You will never find a more grateful heart than in a dog than one that you’ve rescued.”

Toby’s continued care and the Florida Yorkie Rescue can be supported via their website.

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