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Family desperately raising money so father can spend his last Christmas at home


Alex Francis, his wife Laura and their children. (Laura Francis via SWNS)

 By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

A family is desperately raising money to renovate their house so a loving father can spend his last Christmas at home.

Dad-of-two Alex Francis, 45, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease in May 2019, and is now in the last stages of his illness.

Before he fell ill, Alex was a software engineer, and Laura, Alex's wife, was an owner of a local running shop before she took on the role of Alex's full time carer.

Alex Francis, his wife Laura and their children Lois 12, y and Jago, 10. (Laura Francis via SWNS)

He is being cared for at Dorothy House Hospice, but the family wants to spend a last Christmas together at home in Frome, England.

They need to adapt the house within a week and a social media appeal has so far raised over £10,000 ($13,224).

He is unable to use the stair lift and the family needs to build a downstairs wet room which he will need to stay at home.

A Wiltshire based company, Bancey Bathrooms, has now offered to get the work done in three days,before Alex's return home on Friday afternoon.

''It feels like getting a great big hug from everybody,"Laura said.

"Alex's one wish is to pass away at home with his family around him and we can now say it will be possible.

"It means Alex will spend his final weeks surrounded by love, family and friends.

"Every day we're lucky to have him and we want to make the most of it."

Alex and Laura's children, Lois, 12 and Jago, 10, are "very happy" to have their dad coming home for Christmas.

With the additional money from the fundraiser, the Francis family now have plans to build an extension around the rear of the house that will provide a care room for Alex.

Alex Francis and his daughter Lois . (Laura Francis via SWNS)
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An extension would have such an amazing impact. Alex would be able to see the garden and be able to be with the family," Laura said.

"My message from this is that this is what Christmas is all about. Helping and supporting each other."

Any extra money raised will help Laura not have to return to work immediately so she can look after her children and their grieving family once Alex passes.

Donations can be made here.

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