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WINTER WONDERLAND: Ice-covered trees twinkle in the sun



By Fiona Jackson via SWNS

Frozen raindrops and a layer of snow make these trees glisten in the morning sunshine with a backdrop of blue sky.

The trees in Graceville, Minnesota had been showered in rain overnight that then froze, and created the twinkling branches.

(GIF via SWNS YouTube)

The sight was taken by agricultural business owner Carol Bauer, 57, who noticed the ice first on the trees outside her window that morning.

She said: "We had a lot of rain last night that turned into this scene, we then had a little snow afterward.

"I do not get used to these scenes, they don’t happen very often.

"I feel excited and refreshed when I see the glorious white or clear ice everywhere.

"The roads were Ice covered so schools were canceled but at least some beauty came from this storm."

This video was taken on the morning of December 16.

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