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Rabbit repeatedly ransacks pencils right from owner’s hand

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Screen grab of Wembley stealing a pencil. (Kristen Hirst via SWNS)

By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This footage shows a hilarious interaction between a bunny and his owner, as he steals her pencil out of her hand again and again.

Video taken by Kristen Hirst, from Brooklawn, New Jersey, features her sassy six-month-old pet Wembley.

He can be seen zooming into shot towards the pencil, which he snatches from her hand and defiantly grabs back every time she gets it back.

He then gives her arm a disapproving nudge with his nose before hopping away to cause more trouble.

Kristen, a 39-year-old independent contractor, discovered his affinity for pencils when she was helping her daughter with her school work one evening and now he won’t stop.

“All I had to do for this video was sit down and write something - he hopped right over," she said.

“This one did take a few tries. He’s a bit chunky so he kept knocking the phone over on his hunt for the pencil.

"He got a bit grumpy afterwards, as I wouldn’t let him add to his stockpile.”

Screen grab of Wembley stealing a pencil.(Kristen Hirst via SWNS).

Wembley, the Flemish Giant, is described as the "troublemaker" of her three pets.

“We have Artex, a seven-year-old English Mastiff, and a two-year-old bunny named Basil, but Wembley is the rambunctious toddler of the group," Kristen said.

“He spends most of the day napping but when he wakes he hops around to check what we’re all up to.

"My daughter and I always joke that living with Wembley is like being in a scary movie - you can hear him coming before you see him."

She loves to share videos of her pets together and share the unique qualities that rabbits possess.

“There are so many misconceptions about bunnies that mean far too many end up in shelters or even dumped on the streets," she said.

“People talk about the cute and crazy things their cats and dogs do but I get some funky looks when I bring up my bunnies.

“They can be a lot of work but they have the biggest personalities and can definitely win your heart over given the chance. They make the best, most loving pets.”

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