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Tough turkey brawls with foxes, dogs and postman and now has duck tag-team partner

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By Fiona Jackson via SWNS

This tough turkey, who has survived two fox attacks, dog brawls and scraps with the postie, will endure another Christmas with help from his plucky DUCK accomplice.

Trevor was secretly incubated by Lilly Pinchin, 22, in her bedroom six years ago.

She told her mom the clutch of eggs were just chickens - and ended up with six boisterous turkeys.

But Trevor was the sole survivor when the brood was attacked by a fox - seeing off a second fox attack a year later, as well as dog attacks.

He's secured his place in the family thanks to his role as 'guard bird' - launching himself at any unwanted visitors - even if they are delivery people.

True to form, when Lilly's family were on holiday this year she secretly adopted a runner duck named Mrs. Ron.

Apparently sensing he might need some extra backup as he enters old age, Trevor - who is usually fiercely protective of his perch - took bullied duck Mrs. Ron under his wing.

Now the pair go everywhere together, sharing a coop, with Mrs. Ron acting as backup or lookout when Trevor takes on visitors, dogs, or sneaks into the house for food.

Jockey Lilly from Gloucestershire, England said: "He's best friends with Ron.

"Ron follows him around quite a lot because he's the only duck.

"While Trevor is chief mischief-maker, new pal Mrs. Ron eggs him on from the sidelines.

“When she came he was very shy and didn’t really get about but now she follows Trev around.

"Ron and Trev sleep underneath the perch - now Trev's getting older he lies down rather than perching but he's still full of life.

"He's getting on but he still hasn't lost his character, he's still very proud of his house.

"Ron was in the kitchen the other morning - mum came downstairs and she could hear this quacking, she probably wanted bread.

"Apart from coming into the house she's good as gold!

"Trevor is getting on now, but he's still the same turkey, still mad as ever.

"Trev won't be on the table this Christmas, as much as the post lady would like him to be!"

Trevor came into the Pinchin family when 'turkey mum' Lilly, then 16, secretly incubated a clutch of eggs in her bedroom.

But three years later the entire brood - apart from Trevor - was slain in a fox attack.

Lilly said: "Only Trevor survived as he was the only one who put himself to bed in the house, and he's always been quite proud of himself for that!

"After that, he survived another fox attack in 2019 and we lost him for two days.

"But then I came home one day and he was sat on one of the walls at the bottom of the garden- he's such a hero!

"He will chase anyone who runs around the yard and be a right little terror.

"If any dog goes to try and mess with him he will rage and fluff his feathers up, and vibrate like his own little dance.

"If there's nothing going on he'll just cause carnage, which during lockdown provided great entertainment!"

When he's not ruffling feathers, he loves admiring himself in mirrors, sleeping in the washing machine and accompanying the family on two-mile dog walks.

Trevor eats the food waste from the kitchen.

He lives in his own special turkey house next door to the chicken coop, but still needs to be taken to bed every night as he likes to spend the day observing his kingdom sat on top of the tractor.

In July this year, animal lover Lilly drove all the way to Stratford-upon-Avon to fetch some new poultry.

That was where she fell in love with a tiny runner duckling.

She said: "We used to have a load of ducks until a fox killed all of them, so we haven't had ducks for a while.

"Mum really was anti getting any more because we didn't want any more fox attacks, so I did this off my own back when she was away for a week."

But when Nadine, 43, and dad Darren, 44, met the tiny bird they were quackers for him, and now buy him expired bread from Tesco every Monday.

The duck was christened 'Ronald McDonald' until Ron started laying eggs - so had a name change to Mrs Ron.

Whilst the hierarchy was established, the Pinchin chickens would bully Mrs Ron by pecking her on the head.

But when Ron was introduced to bird-in-chief Trevor, they instantly hit it off.

The pair snuggle up together in their shared coop at bedtime, where Trevor now lies down to sleep as he's too old for the perch.

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