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This make-up artist transforms her face into terrifying characters



By Jamie Smith via SWNS

A talented make-up artist has transformed her face into terrifying characters including a zombie Grinch and Jack Skellington.

Amanda Pacitti, 36, filmed herself flexing her creative muscle at her home in North Westfield, Massachusetts.

The professional make-up artist creates body and face paint with her signature gothic twist, often taking well-known characters and reimagining them as an otherworldly ghoul or zombie.

Every year Amanda gives her followers a dark take on some Christmas favorites.

This year Amanda presented Jack and Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and a grim take on the Grinch.

"I usually film my videos either in my make-up studio or at home between my busy schedule," she said.

"I try to make time to get creative so on days off or sometimes I’ll even stay up until 3 A.M. just to have a chance to create!

"Once I’m inspired to create I will look for inspiration as far as colors, textures and themes to the character. I will try to map out my look on a face chart or drawing to know what kind of colors and products I will need to stay organized.

"My 'Nightmare Before Christmas'-themed make-ups are my favorites but I do like the spin I took on the Grinch this year!

"A lot of times things come out completely different than how I had pictured I always like to see the end result and where my creativity can take me."

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