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Rhino and dog are BFFs

"Esmé and David have a very special relationship."

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By Kiro Evans via SWNS

A "remarkable and unbreakable" friendship between a dog and a RHINO has been captured on video.

The sweet pair can be seen doing everything together, with the gigantic rhino even giving the dog a kiss.

David is an Anatolian Shepherd and Esmé is a white rhino.

Despite their differences, the two are clearly very fond of each other's company.

Both are residents of Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), a South African wildlife facility focused on the conservation of rare and vulnerable species.

The founder and managing director of HESC Lente Roode, 72, says the unique bond the two animals share is very important to her.

"Esmé was our first rhino calf that we decided to introduce to the Anatolian shepherd dog as a companion.

"It took a few days but as soon as the two were used to each other the relationship was remarkable and unbreakable.

"Esmé and David have a very special relationship and are therefore very dear to me."

David the dog is nearly two years old and was donated to HESC by a friend to Lente.

Esmé's upbringing was more challenging.

"Her mother was a young and inexperienced cow and couldn’t produce milk for Esmé," Lente said.

"On Esmé’s arrival she was extremely malnourished and as a result pressure sores formed on her ankles and underneath her feet."

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