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Man who wears adult diapers uses TikTok and Instagram to share his story and fight stigma

"In the beginning, I was very ashamed and embarrassed. I tried to hide my sheets and make sure my dad didn’t find out."



By Jamie Smith via SWNS

A man born with a condition that forces him to wear adult diapers every day is sharing his experience with thousands online in an attempt to break the stigma.

Marc Spagnuolo, 35, was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy at the age of 25.

The condition prevents certain signals from reaching his brain so when the bowels and bladder are full, his body just voids.

Marc is now reliant on adult diapers and uses around three-a-day and spends $180 on them a month.

But he displays his condition loudly and proudly on social media under the name 'The Diaper Dynamo', and has become an advocate for the products.

Marc, from Denver, Colorado, explained: “It is a common misconception that these issues only affect the elderly, or the severely injured, or the very young.

"I can tell you with certainty that incontinence and bedwetting issues are prevalent across all age spectrums and far more normal than people think.”

Marc started wetting his bed at about 15. The following 10 years, he slowly lost full control of his bladder and this is when, at the age of 25, he was diagnosed.

He said: "In the beginning, I was very ashamed and embarrassed. I tried to hide my sheets and make sure my dad didn’t find out.

"When he finally did, I blamed it on the dog. Of course, he insisted on getting it checked out."

Marc struggled throughout his high school year and felt extremely isolated.

He said: "I eventually told a close friend or two which began the long journey towards self-acceptance and finally confidence.

"The bedwetting was sporadic at first but got worse over time.

"Eventually 'protective underwear' was suggested, which is what lead me down the path of management with diapers."

Marc has been using TikTok and Instagram to normalize the issue and break the stigma.

@thediaperdynamo I started wearing diapers as a teen for bedwetting issues. #incontinence #bedwetter #bladderproblems #peedthebed #wetthebed ♬ original sound - Jacob

He also wants to help people realize that they shouldn't be ashamed and more importantly that they are not alone.

Marc added: “My approach towards combating the stigma associated with diapers is to be upfront and blunt about the fact that I, and many others around the world, need these products.

"We shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it or to call a diaper a diaper.

“I often show myself in diapers through the various outlets that I operate online as a way to not just capture attention, but to help others out there who also need to wear these products feel recognized and valued.

“For those that don’t need diapers, it is about getting them to watch long enough to figure out what my profile and content are about.

"Then, if they read the comments they really might see some eye-opening things.

“I try to use a mix of content that informs, inspires, goes for a laugh, or just plain normalizes the use of adult diapers for whatever reasons people.

“I hope that when others watch my content they feel inspired, acknowledged, entertained, or informed.

"I want people to realize that this huge secret that they have that they fear the whole world will find out and ridicule them for, really isn’t that big of a deal.”

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