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MIRACLE WALKER: Girl born with no quadriceps muscles can now walk



Six-year-old Arabella Green. (SWNS)

By Sarah Ward via SWNS

A six-year-old girl is believed to be the first child in the world to walk despite being born with no quadriceps muscles in her legs.

Arabella Green spent nearly three months in hospital in Poland having had an operation that she could not have had on the NHS.

The brave schoolgirl was born with arthrogryposis, a rare condition that means her joints fused in position so she can't bend her limbs or fingers.

Medics in the United Kingdom said she would never walk and would be wheelchair-bound for life as her condition was so severe - but doctors in the United States believed there was hope.

Her parents hoped to be able to take her abroad but the costs were $125,000.

But generous donors gifted £50,000 to pay for it, in addition to another £30,000 raised.

Dad-of-two William Green, 36, said the schoolgirl's achievements were proof 'the tide could turn' at any time, after she took her first steps following an op in Poland.

Arabella is taking between 50 to 100 steps per day and is only awake for two hours, due to the physical effort of learning to walk.

Tragically, her mom Catherine Wood, 27, took her own life in March 2021 after an uphill struggle to get treatment for her severely disabled daughter.

Arabella flew to Poland with dad William, who works as an electrician, on October 17, and stood up for the first time on December 16, taking a few steps with the help of a physiotherapist.

She took her first steps alone at the Paley European Institute in Warsaw on January 8, using a walker, and was able to walk to ring a bell on January 14 - the day they flew home.

William Green with his daughter Arabella. (SWNS)

William said: "She's doing great, she's only been awake for about two hours a day.

"She's not walked for six years.

"She's not got any quadriceps in her legs, so she is wearing knee, ankle, foot and forceps supports to support her legs.

"She has to wear them every night and has her legs fully extended.

"She's taking between 50 to 100 steps at the moment."

On February 25 they will fly back to Poland for intensive physiotherapy sessions for six weeks, putting in two hours a day.

William, from Bathgate, West Lothian, added: "If Arabella had this done two or three years ago she wouldn't be going through so much pain.

"It had to be done before she was six.

"Her mum Catherine begged the doctors before she died but they said it was impossible."

Arabella uses a crocodile walker for getting around and has an electric wheelchair.

She is coming on leaps and bounds at school despite the setbacks she has experienced.

Only 15 per cent of her leg muscles work, and she has had metal rods inserted into her bones which her dad described as 'like pencils'.

William said: "We are working on building her confidence.

"She's scared of falling.

"The main thing is since having the op she's been able to stand on her feet.

"Arabella is the first child in the world to walk without quadriceps muscles, she was also born with no biceps.

Screenshot of Arabella Green walking with the help of her physiotherapist. (SWNS)

"She walks by using her glutes and abdominal muscles.

"The condition she has is very rare, we've not come across anyone else who has it in Scotland.

"She's doing brilliantly at school, because the brain is the most important muscle in her body.

"She finishes all her work, everything she is given.

"Nobody knows how far she can push herself.

"The surgery was groundbreaking.

"She had 40mm taken out of her legs.

"When I was driving back to Warsaw in the rental car I was in bits.

"She's a strong wee character, I'm so proud of her.

"The op was such a success, seeing her standing and walking has been amazing.

"We are so grateful to the people who have helped us get here, she's inspired children all around the world."

You can donate at Arabella's GoFundMe here.

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