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Superyacht has tennis court, outdoor theater and can carry SEVENTY luxury toys

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By Dean Murray via SWNS

A jaw-dropping new superyacht sinks in the water – and can carry SEVENTY luxury toys.

The ‘146 meters OK’ - described as an ‘undiscovered island’ – has room to carry a 46m sailing yacht and a seaplane.

It also features a tennis court, outdoor cinema, and room for twenty guests.

Amazingly the OK is not just a concept, with exterior designer Timur Bozca commenting: “I can confirm that it is real and it has already started to travel the world.”

The OK was originally built in 1982 as a semi-submersible yacht transportation ship but has been transformed into an expedition vessel by Karmarine Shipyard.

The 146 meters OK (Timur Bozca via SWNS)

Timur Bozca explains: “We aimed to create the unique feeling of being on an undiscovered island at OK.

“OK can submerge with almost 70% of itself underwater. This makes it much easier to load large yachts, tenders, seaplanes or other toys.

“On the other hand, this feature allows OK to merge into the island concept.”

OK offers features such as a sun deck jacuzzi, pool surrounded by glass windows, botanic garden, and four big aquariums. It also has a large car ramp, a 40-ton crane and a vertical wind turbine.

The submerging capability makes it much easier to load yachts, tenders, seaplanes, or other toys (Timur Bozca via SWNS)

Unlike other vessels, OK has an extraordinary ability to partially submerge. The deck’s submerging capacity enables it to offer the opportunity to carry vehicles and toys in various sizes and forms.

Designed with enhanced internal strength, the vessel can handle both stern and side loading.

Timur says: “This makes it much easier to load large yachts, tenders, seaplanes, or other toys.

“With over 3,300 square meters of open deck space, OK can accommodate 70 different toys such as 46m sailing yacht, tenders, buggies, amphibious vehicles, and a seaplane.”

The owner and price of the vessel have been kept confidential.

The deck of the 146 meters OK, described as an "undiscovered island" (Timur Bozca via SWNS)

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