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Man blown off his feet after pouring lighter fluid onto pre-lit charcoals

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By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

A Mississippi man was lucky to escape injury after he unwittingly poured lighter fluid onto pre-lit charcoal while he was trying to grill some meats in his garage.

Jawan Brown decided to do some al fresco cooking over a February 2021 weekend, but after noticing a chilly wind he stationed the grill inside his garage to get started.

Jawan, a fork lift operator, almost got his face burnt off when the grill exploded as he was attempting to light the coals.

“I was putting the lighter fluid on it and as you can see it flamed up,” said Jawan, from Batesville.

“It blew me back and I fell to the ground.”

The fortunate meat-lover said that he didn’t realize that he had bought pre-lit charcoal, which definitely does not require lighter fluid for ignition.

Thankfully Jawan suffered no injuries from the accident and managed to see the funny side of his mistake.

“My feet were just in the air, but once I got up it looked like nothing happened,” he said.

“I got up trying to make sure nobody was looking, but I forgot the camera was there so when I went back and I looked at the camera I couldn’t do anything but laugh.

“I look at that video five or six times a day now.”

Jawan said that he’s learned his lesson and advises others not to make the same errors while they are trying to cook up a meaty feast.

“The wind was kind of chilly so I decided to do it in the garage…but I learned my lesson, not again,” he said.

After the fiery incident Jawan said was able to continue grilling, and he later enjoyed chicken, pork steak, pork chops, corn on the cob and hamburgers.

“The barbecue was great after all that happened,” he said.

Grilling beginners should note that lighter fluid ought never be added to burning coals
due to explosive flare-ups that occur when the flammable liquid is combined with heat.

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