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These lovers are from Lover, the world’s most romantic village

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Jill and Fred Stark from Lover. (Tony Kershaw via SWNS)

By Harrison Moore via SWNS

The "world's most romantic village" called Lover is preparing for Valentine's Day - including a couple who moved there to be "the lovers from Lover."

The small community in Wiltshire, England became popular with people who flocked there to post cards for February 14 - which are postmarked "Lover."

The main post office has closed but a temporary one opens during the week of Valentine's Day to keep the tradition alive.

Residents of the village formed the Lover Community Trust and in the past five years have stamped more than 8,000 cards and letters with "Sent from Lover."

Lover, Wiltshire.(Tony Kershaw via SWNS)
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Supported by the Royal Mail a team of volunteer cupids stamp cards with Lover's special postmark before they are sent all around the world.

Residents of the pretty village also hang heart-shaped bunting, wreaths and balloons on their garden fences and front doors.

One local couple Jill Stark, 71 and her husband Fred, 72, moved to Lover after falling in love with a property located in the center of the village.

The pair were drawn in by the name of the village - and the idea of being the "lovers from Lover."

Jill said: "We've been helping with the Lovers Community Trust since we moved here.

"I can see the post office from my back window and it seems to be thriving with business which is so lovely to see.

"Having the backing of the Royal Mail seems to have made a big difference as they're able to get more cards to more location all over the globe.

Jill and Fred Stark from Lover,. (Tony Kershaw via SWNS)

"When we moved in, the entire community was so inclusive and welcoming.

"The village has such an amazing vibe and there is a real feeling of togetherness about the place.

"We felt that as soon as we arrived and every day since - we're just so happy here.

Fred added: "The name Lover really stood out to us, and although the property itself and the village were hugely important, that name really helped us make a final decision.

"Being the 'lovers from Lover' just sounded too good of an opportunity to miss so we went for it.

"It was only when we got here that we realized it was pronounced differently to the word 'lover' which was actually quite funny.

"The village is amazing and we feel lucky to have been residents hear now for over 18 years."

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