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Why most couples prefer to spend Valentine’s Day at home than go out

Nearly half of couples said that celebrating the holiday with an at-home date night puts them in their comfort zone



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Eight in 10 people would rather spend Valentine’s Day at home with their partner than head out to dinner.

A survey of 2,000 coupled Americans found that the pandemic has altered their Valentine’s plans, with 63% saying they preferred going out to dinner before 2020. 

However, nearly half said that celebrating the holiday with an at-home date night puts them in their comfort zone — even though two-thirds will usually spend other date nights at a restaurant or cafe.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ferrero Rocher, the survey also looked at the creative ways couples show their appreciation toward each other.

While respondents in newer relationships (1–5 years) prefer to shower their partners with gifts (49%), those with 6–10 year partnerships show their love through restocking essentials such as groceries and toiletries (45%). 

Food seems to play a bigger role as a relationship progresses. Couples in the 16–20 year range opted to treat each other to chocolate and wine (48%), and those together for over 20 years cook or bake for one another (64%).

Partners of 16–20 years were also most likely to favor a home-cooked meal FOR a date night in (52%) over takeout or delivery. 

When going out on Valentine’s Day, most prefer to eat their hearts out at a fine dining establishment (36%) over a casual cafe (25%) or fast food place (19%).

More than three-quarters of respondents said they’ll usually try at least one new food with their partner during the festivities.

Side dishes rule supreme on the holiday of love, as 60% say they’re most likely to try a new side over experimenting with a main course (46%).

For dessert, ice cream (40%) and chocolate (39%) were among the most romantic options to share with a partner. 

“Our research shows that couples who have been together for longer will get more creative with food, probably due to a greater familiarity with each other’s preferences,” said a spokesperson for Ferrero Rocher. “The past several months of isolation have taught us that couples, especially those spending additional time together now more than ever, are looking for opportunities to share new experiences together that allow for bonding while bringing them out of their comfort zone.”

As for adding a lot more romance to Valentine’s Day, three-quarters said a box of sweets is the way to go.

And 84% said it adds a “noticeable” or “substantial” amount of romance to the celebration.

One respondent said, “it shows how sweet the relationship has been all the while,” another noted “it’s a tradition” and a third added that “it’s an aphrodisiac.”

“Edible gifts such as chocolate are classic, uniquely shareable in a way that many other types of presents aren’t and are a great way for couples to celebrate the moment together,” the spokesperson added.

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