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This man hand-crafts male sex toys based on beloved cartoon characters

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By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

This Texas man hand-crafts male sex toys based on beloved cartoon characters - and they're on sale for $6,000 each.

Malek Lazri creates sex toys based on everything from “Shrek” to “Monsters, Inc.,”considering them to be a mix of art and sex toys.

“It’s the ultimate juxtaposition and with art you want to make people feel something and jar the viewer and what’s better than that? ” said the art installer and production designer from Austin.

“They’re definitely functional as sex toys as well if somebody was freaky enough.”

He added: “There’s already so many crazy cartoon merchandising, you can get almost anything in a cartoon, but you can’t get that.”

Malike made his first piece based on “A Bug’s Life” in April 2020, receiving mixed reactions.

“There was a lot of hate and way more love, a little too much maybe,” he said.

“People were really getting hyped up about that one.”

Originally intending that to be the only one , Malek had about 13 in early 2021, including ones based on Mrs. Incredible, Jessica Rabbit, "Cars," Shrek’s ear, Mike Laskowski from “Monsters, Inc.,” “Ratatouille” and Slink from “Toy Story.”

He’s created a mold to be able to vary the toys.

“At the beginning I purchased a few fleshlights, saw how they were constructed and reversed engineered it,” he said.

“I change out the face for the top part and the body is universal and I can just add to it and paint it in a different way.”

While the pieces are for sale, Malek’s yet to find someone he’s willing to part with any of the pieces for.

“It would stink for one of these to end up in some creepy basement, because then it would cease to exist,” he said.

“The original one was $3,000 and I got plenty of offers, but never anything I considered to be serious, so now if anybody ask I just say $6,000 for anything and that usually scares away the jokers.”

He hopes for the pieces to one day end up in a collection or even a museum.

“I’d like to sell it to somebody that could put it in a collection so that it could continue to be seen and appreciated by more than one person,” he said.

“Wherever they go in their little lives, hopefully years in the future they all get together for one last hurrah.

“I’d love to see a little museum of them or maybe the Smithsonian, even if some of them where just in the basement, at least they’re there.”

He also offers NFTs.

“I don’t really understand NFTs, but they are of the fleshlights and they are for sale,” he said.

Malek said he definitely has plans to make more.

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