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Amateur 86-year-old golfer smashes three hole-in-ones in just three months



By Tom Bevan via SWNS

An amateur golfer has beaten odds of billions to one by smashing in three quick-fire hole-in-ones at the age of 86.

Hot shot John King began his lucky streak when he holed out the par three 13th hole twice in quick succession at the end of October last year.

But the senior, who only started playing the game when he retired, has now followed that up with another perfect score on the second hole - another par three.

John King, 86 from Cirencester at Cirencester Golf Club on Wednesday 10th February 2022 . (Leila Coker via SWNS).

Odds of any amateur golfer getting just one in their lifetime are estimated to be 50,000 to one - putting the combined achievement of John's in the billions.

And John said that - despite running up a hefty bar bill at Cirencester Golf Club - he feels remarkably lucky to have enjoyed such a hot steak.

He said: "A lot of golfers much better than me go their whole careers without one so to get three in such quick succession is remarkable really.

"I am absolutely chuffed. People keep asking me to do their lottery tickets.

“I tell them I’ve got more chance of a hole-in-one than winning the lottery.”

John, who plays off a handicap of 19, used a 25-degree utility wood on all three occasions.

While the increased bar bill is proving a worry for his wife Beryl, John said he was enjoying his new-found celebrity

He added: "Instead of buying a round, you just get a bottle of whisky and leave it on the counter of the bar for everyone to enjoy. It has been getting a bit silly.

John King, 86 from Cirencester at Cirencester Golf Club on Wednesday 10th February 2022 . (Leila Coker via SWNS)
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"I keep getting asked when the next bottle is coming.

"But getting a hole-in-one is a lot down to luck. You always try to get close to the pin but on the odd day it just rolls along a direct line and into the hole.

"It has happened to me four times now - and others never get one in their lifetime."

John took up golf after retiring as a consultant electrical engineer in 2002 and has been playing at Cirencester since 2006 after moving to the town in Gloucestershire from Sevenoaks, Kent, UK.

His only previous hole-in-one came in August 2011 on the old 18th hole at his home club.

He added: "I retired at 67 and thought, I have got to do something with my time. I have always loved sport and now play three times a week.

"I am extremely pleased and chuffed to bits. There has been a lot of banter about filling out all the coupons etc but it has been a lot of fun. I just like to go out and enjoy my golf and if I score well then that's a great feeling.

John King, 86 from Cirencester at Cirencester Golf Club on Wednesday 10th February 2022 . (Leila Coker via SWNS)

"You always go out to get the lowest score you can - and it doesn't get any lower than a hole-in-one.

"It obviously doesn't happen very often. I don't know if I will ever get another one so I'll enjoy this while I can."

John's holes in one include:

08/15/2011 – Old 18th hole. 198 yards (5 iron)

10/27/2021 – 13th hole. 139 yards (25-degree utility club)

11/01/2021 – 13th hole. 139 yards (25-degree utility club)

01/19/2022 – 2nd hole. (25-degree utility club)

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