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Bear Grylls gives tent to boy who’s been camping for almost 2 years for charity

Max has been camping every night since March 27, 2020 in memory of his friend who died and to raise money for his local hospice



Max Woosey was gifted a new tent by survival guru Bear Grylls (Woosey family via SWNS)

By Tom Bevan via SWNS

Bear Grylls has gifted a new tent to a schoolboy who has been camping outside for almost two years for charity, after the survival guru heard that the boy's tent had been damaged in a storm.

Inspirational 12-year-old Max Woosey has raised almost $950k for charity by camping - sometimes in exotic locations such as London Zoo, 10 Downing Street and Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

During that time he has got through several different tents but earlier this month he suffered a blow when strong winds destroyed his latest one - causing it to collapse on top of him.

But he has now been given a new one to withstand the elements - by one of his idols and star of Born Survivor, Bear Grylls.

Posting a picture of his new tent on Twitter, Max wrote: "Thank you so much Bear Grylls for sending me a tent after mine got destroyed in the wind."

Max's mom Rachael Woosey, 49, said Bear contacted the family after hearing about the damage caused by the storm.

She added: "I posted a video that I thought was funny of a tent on his face after the storm and it has been heartwarming to see the response.

"Bear Grylls responded and said he would kindly send down one of his tents. That has made Max's year as he is a big hero of his.

"It was very heartwarming. He's been offered a few so is sorted for now. He needs a few lined up as they do get broken from time to time."

Max and his dog camping together during the holidays (Woosey family via SWNS)

The schoolboy has now raised enough to pay the annual salary of 20 hospice nurses at his local hospice.

The efforts of the inspirational schoolboy has been described as "insane" by the North Devon Hospice.

His sleep out began on March 27 in 2020 in memory of Max's friend and neighbor, Rick Abbot, who died in February 2019.

Rick, who was 74, had given Max a tent and told him to have an adventure with it, so he decided to camp out in the garden of his family home in Braunton, Devon.

Max Woosey camping out in his tent in his garden in Braunton, Devon (Woosey family via SWNS)

His achievements have also led him to win a Pride of Britain award and one of the youngest recipients of the BEM in the New Year's honors list.

Before the arrival of the new tent from Bear Grylls Max said he had switched to an "old" one in the meantime to be able to continue his challenge.

In a video he put up on social media after the tent pole gave out, he said it was "unfortunate, but I'm going to have to live with it", adding it was: "Wind 1, tent 0."

He later added: "I had to go through with staying in it, but it wasn't my best night's sleep ever. A lot of my stuff did get wet.

"I've had to put an old tent up, which isn't the best."

Mom Rachael also praised her son's staying power and the whole family were incredibly proud of what he had achieved.

She added: "He wants to get to at least two years, which will be to the end of March.

"We are so proud. He is such a lovely young man and has stayed very grounded about everything he has been through.

"He has raised an incredible really and not bad for sleeping in a tent. We are all so proud of what he is doing."

Max has spent every night camping for almost two years, and now, thanks to his hero Bear Grylls he has a new tent (Woosey family via SWNS)

Rachael said it was now full steam ahead planning the next big camp out to mark two years since the start of his challenge in March.

She said: "It is going to be a lovely event and some lovely people including other Pride of Britain winners and the likes of Carol Vorderman will be taking part."

North Devon Hospice has said the money equated to almost 20 nurses working for 12 months.

At the time Max started the challenge the hospice was facing a £1m drop in funding because of the lockdown.

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