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Two miracle foals born from horses rescued from horrific conditions

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Thor (left), Ginny (right). (HorseWorld via SWNS)

By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

These two miracle foals have been born from three mothers who were rescued from horrific conditions - one who even died.

Thor and Ginny came into the world following the rescue of three emaciated horses found neglected and heavily pregnant in a barn.

Charity HorseWorld found the three expectant thoroughbred mares standing in a filthy barn deep in soiled bedding near Bristol, England.

Ginny (left) & Thor (right). (HorseWorld via SWNS).

The horses were riddled with lice and suffered from rain scald due to exposure to prolonged wet weather.

They all had over-grown feet and were desperately trying to cope with being malnourished and heavily pregnant.

Despite the efforts of the charity, one mother, Tango, sadly passed having succumbed to the horrendous neglect.

But just weeks later newborn foals Thor and Ginny were safely born to the other two rescued moms - Lisa Jane (LJ) and Pink Champagne.

Ginny soon after birth.(HorseWorld via SWNS)

They were born thanks to the emergency veterinary care for their mothers.

It cost over £5,500 ($7,493) in vet fees to nurse the mares back to health and the intensive care required for their foals to survive.

Amy Williams of HorseWorld said: "Ginny and Thor will never know the cruelty and neglect that their mothers suffered as HorseWorld will always ensure their every need is met.

"HorseWorld are asking our supporters to show a little love to secure the future of this family and others like them that the charity continue to provide for”

“Every penny donated will make a difference to Ginny, Thor, their mothers and other horses, ponies and donkeys who have, through no fault of their own, found themselves in need of help."

To donate visit here.

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