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Parents want their kids to have these traits more than anything else



By Astrid Cooper, 72Point via SWNS

Parents place more emphasis on their children being honest and kind than anything else, according to research.

A study of 1,000 moms and dads, of children aged up to seven, revealed the key attributes they’d most like their youngsters to develop as they grow up – with honesty, good manners and self-confidence coming out on top.

A quarter aspire for their offspring to have a good comprehension of emotions, while half would like their children to learn the art of being kind to others.

Loyalty, patience, and optimism were also among the traits to feature in the top 20 list parents hope their children will develop.

In fact, 79 percent felt it's more important their little ones grow up with a good group of friends than aspiring to be the next Prime Minister.

Claudia Caron, from Thomas & Friends, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s really heart-warming to see how many mums and dads want their child to grow up being kind, honest and independent, over other traits.

“It just goes to show that these attributes many take for granted aren’t a given, and are something people want to encourage their little ones to have.”

The study also found, for 47 percent of those polled, it’s important their offspring has these attributes, with 58 percent believing it will set them up well for later life.

It also emerged nurture trumps nature for 63 percent of moms and dads, as they admit to actively doing things to teach their children these important characteristics.

While a quarter think soft skills, such as initiative and organization, are much more important for children to learn at a young age compared to hard skills, such as reading and writing.

Harry Judd right with his two children Lola and Kit playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine figurines. (James Linsell-Clark via SWNS)

Buying books for their children, reading books to educate themselves, and sending their child to extra-curricular activities, are among some of the ways parents are shaping their youngsters for the future.

Parents will also sit down for story time more than four times a week, with 89 percent acknowledging the importance of reading stories to their children.

While a further three-quarters (74 percent) also recognize the impact TV shows can have when it comes to influencing and shaping children into the adults they will one day become.

The research was conducted, via OnePoll, by Thomas & Friends to launch its new campaign, Reading with Little Friends, which sees the brand team up with celebrity dads – singer and musician, Harry Judd, and reality TV star, Greg Shepherd.

In two adorable videos Harry’s children, Lola, 5, and Kit, 4, as well as Greg’s two kids, Nelly, 8, and Arthur, 4, snuggle onto the sofa with their dads for some quality family reading time together.

The study also found three-quarters of parents feel they, or primary caregivers, are the most influential people when it comes to the development of a child’s personality, with teachers and friends also having a significant impact.

Yet nearly two-thirds believed they could try harder to encourage valuable characteristics within their offspring.

The words of wisdom moms and dads would want to impart on their little ones to help them achieve their goals in life, include “treat people as you’d want to be treated."

While 44 percent would advise their youngster to “admit their mistakes,” and four in ten would recommend that “good communication is important."

Claudia Caron from Thomas & Friends added: “There are plenty of things parents do to try and encourage these skills – and there is no right or wrong answer.

“It’s just reassuring to see how parents feel enthusiastic about taking it into their own hands by reading to them, encouraging particular activities, and just generally surrounding them with positive influence.

“Books are a lovely way to share intimate moments with your children, as well as choosing stories with good morals and learning, such as those found in Thomas & Friends.”

Harry Judd right with his two children Kit on the left and daughter Lola in the middle reading Thomas the Tank Engine together. (James Linsell-Clark via SWNS)

McFly star Harry Judd said: “We had loads of fun filming the videos and I’m really proud of Lola for her reading – and of Kit, for managing to stay still for the whole story.

“I’ve always been a fan of Thomas & Friends and really love how the stories are fun as well as teaching morals about being kind, helpful and working as a team – all things I’m constantly trying to teach the kids.”

And Greg Shepherd, who appears with Nelly, Arthur and his wife Billie in ITV’s popular reality show "The Family Diaries," said: “Some of the life lessons I think are really important that I’d like to teach my kids are, having a good group of friends when they are growing up, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, and having good manners.”


1. Honesty
2. Kindness
3. Self-confidence
4. Good manners
5. Self-esteem
6. Independence
7. Empathy
8. Helping others
9. Patience
10. Loyalty
11. Determination
12. Resilience
13. Motivation
14. Ability to communicate effectively
15. Understanding emotions
16. Being able to build strong friendships
17. Respectful of rules
18. Optimism
19. Willing to try new experiences
20. Ability to share

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