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This 5-year-old girl is the world’s youngest published author



Five-year-old author Bella-Jay Dark. (James Dadzitis via SWNS)

By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

A girl has become the world's youngest author after having her first book published at five-years-old.

Bella-Jay Dark stunned family last year when she told them she was going to write a book.

Parents professional chef Chelsie Syme, 27 and plasterer Myles, 30, thought it was "one of those things" children say.

Bella-Jay Dark's book called "The Lost Cat". (James Dadzitis via SWNS)
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But it has become a real title that has been officially published.

Ginger Fyre Press have produced the book, which is now available to purchase on Amazon and Waterstones for £4 ($5.44).

Bella-Jay's story, "The Lost Cat," features a feline who goes on adventures and soon learns an important lesson.

Last year Abhijita Gupta was hailed as the world's youngest published author - aged seven.

Chelsie said: "We are just so proud of Bella and honestly can't believe how amazing this is.

''We're also so grateful of the support and acknowledgment she has already received so far and she deserves this so much.

"She has always thrived off positivity from people - she just loves reading and drawing.

“I am just really proud of her, I did not think it was going to go this far .

''I’m just proud and want to see her get the acknowledgment she deserves.

“It all started when she came to me one day and said she was going to write a book.

Bella-Jay Dark. (James Dadzitis via SWNS)

“I thought it would just be some scribble and you would say ‘wow’ like you do as a parent.

“We then went to a book fair and someone there said they wanted to publish it.”

Bella-Jay said: "This is the best book ever and I just want everyone to buy it, I'm so proud of myself and every other authors."

Her mom continued: “It is about a cat that goes out getting lost and realizes she should not go out without her mum, so it has got a good message to it.

“She has done the all the drawings by herself apart from one towards the back her older sister Lacey-May produced.”

To claim the official Guinness World Record Bella needs to meet several criteria.

She has met nearly all of them included being published by an official company and being the right age.

But to be put into the record books as youngest author she needs to sell 1,000 copies - which the frailly are hopeful she will.

Bella-Jay already has eyes on further books with planning already underway for future titles.

The book is available here.

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