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Amphibious boat/camper van/trike vehicle hits market at $16K

"The body is manufactured in organic fiberglass with polyester made from recycled PET bottles and a number of parts are large-format 3D printed with bioplastics."

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The amphibious Z-Triton 2.0 multipurpose vehicle (Lauris Viksne via SWNS)

By Dean Murray via SWNS

A unique amphibious camper-trike has gone on sale.

The Z-Triton 2.0 combines a boat, a tricycle, and a camper and offers the freedom to travel both over land and water.

Latvian company Zeltini previously unveiled the vehicle in 2020 in prototype form, but now the quirky transport is ready for pre-order.

A ready-made Z-Triton is 14,500 EUR ($16,499), while a simplified DIY kit version is being developed and will be 4,500 EUR ($5,119). Both prices are based on specifications and do not include shipping and taxes.

The company plans to start deliveries in Europe later this year, with the rest of world and DIY versions planned for 2023.

The amphibious Z-Triton 2.0 (Lauris Viksne via SWNS)
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The bike has undergone a major redesign since concept, and now offers a more comfortable ride with rear suspension, adjustable seat, hydraulic disc brakes, seven gears internal gear hub, and has twice the power at 1000W.

The product is slightly wider than before and provides more room in the cabin allowing two people to comfortably sleep in it.

The boat mode is also upgraded with a stronger 1150W motor, which is integrated into the body and can be lifted up/down from the cabin.

Zeltini explain: “The product is 100% electric with both boat and trike electric motors, a Li-ion battery pack and integrated roof solar panels.

"The body is manufactured in organic fiberglass with polyester made from recycled PET bottles and a number of parts are large-format 3D printed with bioplastics.

“There is also a plant pot that enables users to carry small trees that can be planted along the way to reforest our dear planet. Therefore Z-Triton 2.0 has a positive CO2 footprint and aims to be the most sustainable RV on the market.”

The firm says the 2nd version of the amphibious vehicle has been tested and evaluated with people in the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

“Everyone who got the chance to test ride this unique vehicle was taken aback by how amazing and exhilarating it is,” add Zeltini.

Production of the first batch has already started and the first units of Z-Triton 2.0 will be delivered to early European pre-orders in late 2022 and the US in 2023. Meanwhile, the rental calendar with the first location in Europe, Latvia, was launched recently and Z-Triton 2.0 is available for booking.

Apart from the ready-made version the company is also developing a DIY kit version which will be a simplified, modular, more affordable, easy-to-ship version of the same concept.

The product development is supported by a Norway Grant and is aimed at social impact, sustainability and taps into the movement of makers.

“The vision of the company is to create a global community around Z-Triton gathering people who strive to travel in alternative ways and deeply care about our planet,” say Zeltini.

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