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Terrifying video of thrillseekers skiing off jagged glacier



By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This incredible footage shows a thrillseeker skiing off the edge of a jagged glacier in the Alps before their base jump parachute opens.

Ex-Royal Marine Tim Howell, 31, and his friend both Maria Steinmeyer performed the incredible jump in the Mont Blanc massif mountain range in the Alps.

The two adrenaline junkies launched themselves from the serac - a huge block or column of glacial ice that is particularly dangerous for mountaineers because they may crumple or topple over with little warning.

Tim, from Martock, England, said: “It’s a ski jump with a difference. Maria and I have been looking for a serac to ski base from for years."

The friends checked out their exit route by flying a drone over the area, as well as using ice screws and rope tied behind the edge, to look at the height.

Tim, who manages a skiing gear shop, said: “Seracs are usually very unstable, so the exit was so scary to look over.

“The drop to impact was 80 meters and we had a 10-minute, over 2,000-meter canopy flight to the landing.”

Tim and Maria returned the following week to do it again and found that the edge of the serac had changed massively due to collapse.

The Mont Blanc massif is a mountain range in the Alps, located in France, Italy, and Switzerland at its northeastern end. It contains eleven major independent summits, each over 4,000 meters.

It is named after Mont Blanc a 15,774-foot mountain classified as the highest point in western Europe and the European Union.

Ski-base jumping is a combination of both skiing and base jumping.

Those brave and skilled enough ski at very high speed off of a cliff or mountain and free-fall through the air, using a parachute to descend.

The footage was taken on the 9th of February 2022.

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