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This iguana wears custom made booties after his feet fell off

"He is still undergoing physical therapy but he is doing amazing and healing nicely."

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The abused iguana is now mobile and healthy thanks to his red booties (CWR via SWNS)

By Fiona Jackson via SWNS

A tortured iguana whose feet fell off after they were tied behind his back is recovering thanks to some custom-made boots to protect his stumps.

The reptile was handed over to staff at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue after it was found abandoned by a local person's dog.

Experts think its feet were bound during transportation.

After his feet fell off due to loss of blood circulation, rescue staff covered his stumps in little rubber shoes to protect them.

The iguana can walk again thanks to the staff at CWR (Image via SWNS)

Jennifer Gordon, executive director at CWR, said: "He was very cold and was lethargic.
The limbs were very sensitive.

"It's very frustrating to see cruelty and it's very upsetting but we have to maintain composure and keep working so that animals get the compassionate care they deserve.

"Iguanas are frequently hog-tied when they are captured and transported from the wild.

"We have seen several over the years and two recently, we assume he was being transported as a local flea market sells them hog-tied like this."

The iguana's front feet had been tied so tightly behind its back that they fell off (Image via SWNS)

The green iguana was found on Monday (October 25).

Its feet had been tied behind its back for so long they died and eventually fell off, leaving painful stumps.

Volunteers from the charity in Indian Trail, North Carolina covered up the iguana's wounds with two tiny rubber fingertip protectors so it could roam around pain-free until callouses formed.

Jennifer said: "He didn't seem to mind them at all.

"A lot of times animals don't like having the attachments but he didn't seem to mind.

"He is still undergoing physical therapy but he is doing amazing and healing nicely."

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