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Meet the self-confessed gym junkie grandma

The retired property manager says it’s "never a chore" to hit the gym and is blessed with boundless motivation for her kickboxing and circuit glasses.

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By Lucy Bryant via SWNS

Meet the self-confessed gym junkie gran who boasts an impressive collection of over FORTY sets of workout gear for her energetic exercises - despite suffering with agonizing arthritis.

Sharon Garner, 67, is obsessed with buying new gym gear, and hides deliveries from SHEIN and ADIDAS from her husband of 48 years, Alwyn, 71, a landlord.

She spends around £50-a-month ( $66) on sporty co-ords and sneakers, totaling over £600-a-year ($792).

The super-fit grandmother-of-eight says it’s never too late to start exercising and spends her week kickboxing, swimming and running.

She’s the first to arrive at her local pool every morning, where she swims solidly for an hour, five times a week.

The retired property manager says it’s "never a chore" to hit the gym and is blessed with boundless motivation for her kickboxing and circuit glasses.

When she’s not swimming or at the gym, she works out on the treadmill and trampoline in her conservatory at home, which has been transformed into a fitness haven.

Despite her age, Sharon completed two half marathons in 2021, but says she’s had to tone down her running as it wasn’t good for her knees.

Her arthritis has never stopped her from trying any exercises, but she is now incorporating lower impact exercise such as swimming into her routine to make sure she manages the condition properly.

Sharon, from Penzance, Cornwall, says: “I see people in their twenties in the gym moaning about not being able to do stuff - but if I can do it all with arthritis, then anyone can.

“I walk into the gym with a smile on my face, and I come out with an even bigger one.

“There’s mostly men in my kickboxing class, but I can keep up with all of them – I'm super fit.

“I love bright gym gear – I have drawers and drawers full, they far outnumber my normal clothes.

“There’s nothing better than wearing a new pair of trainers or gym set when you hit the gym.

“I don’t think my husband understands but I love it.”

During her fifties, Sharon began suffering with a deep depression which she had trouble understanding.

She says everything in her life was ‘perfect’ but she still felt low – so her son, Carl, 47, a psychologist, suggested she join him at the gym to see if that helped.

“I was out of breath and a little out of my depth, but I absolutely loved it,” Sharon said.

“I was overweight and looking back I can see how unhealthy I was – so I decided to make a change.”

Sharon began building exercise into her routine and hit the gym a few times a week to help combat her mental and physical health - and was amazed by the results.

After years of putting the effort in, Sharon is now ‘super-fit’ and attends two kick-boxing classes, one boxing circuits class, five swimming sessions and daily home workouts every week.

Since her fifties, Sharon has gone from a size 16, weighing 158 lbs, to a size 10, weighing 127 lbs.

She said: “I’m very lucky that motivation comes naturally to me, I just love exercising.

“I know not everyone will be like that, but it’s so important to get out there and move, even if it’s just making sure you’re walking every day, at least do something."

Alwyn isn't as sporty as his wife, but that doesn't stop him from being Sharon's number one fan - filming and taking photos of her workouts to help her improve, and getting shots of her in her new gym gear for her social media.

When Sharon isn't working out, the couple enjoy traveling, spending time with their grandchildren, playing cards and relaxing in their hot tub.

"He's my main man," Sharon said.

Sharon sticks to a healthy diet to accompany her exercise routine, cutting out red meat and eating plenty of green vegetables, eggs and avocados.

After running two half marathons last year, Sharon says she noticed the toll it took on her knees.

But she hasn’t let that stop her, and now runs on the treadmill instead so she can monitor her distance and took up swimming more frequently as a more low-impact sport.

“Age is not an excuse, I’m nearly 70 and I’m still fit as anything,” Sharon said.

“And it’s never too late to start – you'll surprise yourself with how much you’re capable of.”

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