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Couple in their 90s finally marry after he proposed while she was having heart attack

She had been turning down his proposals for three decades



By Lauren Beavis via SWNS

A couple in their 90s have finally got married - after he proposed while she was having a heart attack.

Mo and Jo at their wedding ceremony aged 90 and 92 on Saturday, March 19. (Somerset County Gazette via SWNS)

Maurice Benton, 90, and Joanne Orris, 92, have lived together for 37 years - and have now tied the knot.

Known as 'Mo and Jo' they were visited by a vicar and registrar on Saturday, March 19 to carry out the long-awaited ceremony.

They agreed to finally wed after Mo proposed to his beloved when she was having a heart attack at the beginning of this month (March 3).

Mom-of-two Jo, who has two great-great-grandchildren, agreed to take the plunge whilst in the grips of a cardiac arrest.

Mo and Jo, both in their 90s, have finally tied the knot. (Somerset County Gazette via SWNS)

It followed many years of turning down Mo's regular proposals.

She said: "Mo came forward and knelt down. He said, 'I'm sorry I can't take this pain away from you. Will you marry me?'

"I've always said no in the past, but my heart attack made us realize perhaps we haven't got so many years left, so we'll get married after all.

"When I said yes, I think Maurice was so shocked, he nearly had a heart attack as well."

"We've been laughing ever since."

Mo, who has two daughters and five grandchildren, said: "I'll still be her slave, doing all the washing and ironing.

"Jo's not so mobile, but fortunately, she's got a sharp brain like nobody else.

"It was about time she made an honest man of me."

After the happy occasion, during which guests enjoyed several bottles of champagne and food prepared by Mo, Jo said: "The only downside is he can't call me his mistress anymore."

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