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Genius 2-year-old can already read and build full sentences

Lethu can also speak in two languages



By Jessica Hehir-Smith via SWNS

This genius toddler can read - and build full sentences at just two years old.

Lethu Lethukuthula Nongcebo Bhengu is so advanced for her age that she has developed the reading skills of a six-year-old.

Lethu lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Her mother Ntombikayise Precious Bhengu, 29, began teaching Lethu, who is two-years-and-three-months-old, to read at the beginning of January.

She started teaching Lethu using the phonetic spelling technique with flashcards of words, sounds and pictures from the educational supplies business Mini Brainiacs.

Phonetic spelling involves identifying the sounds each letter or letter combination makes to build words and eventually sentences.

At only 17-months-old Lethu could correctly name parts of the human body (Screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

Ntombi, a small business owner from Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, has been sharing the talents of her daughter on social media.

Footage shows Lethu completing various comprehension tasks such as building sentences, matching words to pictures and completing a "What comes next?" sequence.

Lethu can also be seen speaking both English and Zulu, as well as showing off her brilliance by reading words she spots on signs and graffiti in public.

Additional footage from May 2021 shows Lethu correctly naming parts of the body at only 17-months-old.

Ntombi, who has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, describes her TikTok as "educational content for toddlers."

Lethu, 2, is so advanced for her age that she has developed the reading skills of a six-year-old. (screenshot via SWNS YouTube)

Her videos have received more than eight million likes with many commenting on the toddler's impressive reading skills.

One commenter, who identified themselves as a teacher, said: “I’m a teacher and the skill of recognizing the individual phonemes and then blending them is difficult to master, so this little one is talented!”

Ntombi also posts about the learning materials that she uses and tips for keeping children engaged with reading.

She added: “The reason I have the TikTok account is to inspire other parents - that’s why I began posting.

“I think it’s so important for parents to start teaching their little ones as soon as they can.

“Kids can do big things, the sooner we start teaching them the better. Kids are more capable than we think.”

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