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Can you find the bingo ball among these Easter eggs?

You might think the creators are yolking, but a bingo ball is hidden among dozens of colorful Easter eggs.



By Richard Jenkins, 72Point via SWNS

This cracking puzzle could leave you on the hunt for several hours.

You might think the creators are yolking when they ask you to look for the ‘eggs 11’ - as a bingo ball is cunningly hidden among dozens of other colorful Easter eggs.

It features the number 11, which you’d think would make it stand out, but it’s actually eggstremely tough to spot.

Can you find the bingo ball? Scroll to see where it is hidden. (SWNS)
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Easter eggs are a popular treat at this time of year, but after going through s-hell trying to solve this puzzle, you’d be forgiven for not indulging this year.

The image was created by, whose spokesperson said: "This puzzle scrambled our minds! Easter egg hunts have been enjoyed by all ages for generations.

“But finding the Easter egg versions of ‘Legs 11’ was eggstraordinarily difficult and may take people some time to crack - perhaps even longer than a real-life hunt.”

The tricky puzzle was inspired by bingo game - The Vault - which offers a Bingo Jackpot of £5 million($6.5 million) at Lottloland.

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