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Fool tries to carry a pickup on a truck, police unimpressed

“You really do wonder what went through the driver's mind."



By Douglas Whitbread via SWNS

A driver caught the eye of police officers after he precariously strapped a massive pickup to the back of his truck - and tried to take it on the road.

Social media users found the high-visibility safety vest hanging from the back of the pickup to be the pinnacle of irony.
(Humberside Police via SWNS)

Pictures taken by members of Humberside Police in England show the Toyota 4x4 hanging perilously over the edge of the flatbed truck, with only three straps holding it down.

A spokesperson for the police called the attempt to transport the vehicle a “danger” and said the driver had been forced to unload his dicily-placed cargo immediately.

The spokesperson said: “Driver dealt with for 'Load Likely to Cause Danger' and prohibited until the truck [was] unloaded."

But cops also saw the funny side of the strange arrangement adding: “Not really a pick-up truck….more like a picked up truck.”

After the police force posted their picture on Twitter, many users also found the driver’s bizarre road haulage method hilarious.

One wrote: "Wow. You've got to be pretty special to think for one second that this was a good idea.”

Another one said: “Natural selection should have sorted this one out long ago. We’re too clever as a species but also thick as mince [meat].”

A third added: “You really do wonder what went through the driver's mind, when they stepped back and said to themselves, 'yeah, that'll be fine.'"

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