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Empire Strikes Block: Fan builds stunning Star Wars scenes using Legos

This is the way he creates amazing photos using Legos.

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(Photo by Dan Sands via SWNS)

By Marcus Wood via SWNS

A Stars Wars fan has combined his love of photography and Lego to recreate stunning scenes from the cult sci-fi series.

Dan Sands, 34, grew up playing with Lego as a child and later in life developed an interest in outdoor photography.

(Dan Sands via SWNS)
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The dad-of-four has now combined his passions with his love of the films to create stunning pictures that Star Wars fans are bound to love.

Using everyday household items like baking powder and an old bicycle light he has created a stunning range of special effects in many of his images.

Dan Sands sets up a scene using Lego. (Courtesy of Dan Sands via SWNS)

Computer programmer Dan from Portland, Dorset said: "When lockdown hit I was a bit like 'What am I gonna do now?'

"I really enjoy creative photography, and with Lego lying around I thought I'd give it a go."

By using objects lying around his house, he has managed to create some great pictures.

For example, Dan used ash from his barbecue to create atmospheric smoke, baking powder to resemble snow and old bike light for effective lighting.

Dan stressed there was "no fancy studio or lighting used", and that his "initial setup was some old pizza boxes on top of [his] tumble dryer".

Being able to create fantastical images with everyday items was a personal goal of his.

Pictures include recreated scenes from "The Force Awakens" such as troubled villain Kylo Ren's shuttle cruising through the darkness.

Another is a recreation of arguably one of the most classic Star Wars scenes; a fallen AT-AT Walker from The Battle of Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back".

Dan said this was the picture he was most proud of, and that he felt he'd managed to capture it "just right".

He also has taken pictures even the most casual fans would recognize such as the famous Stormtroopers marching.

Once created Dan posts his images on social media including his own Instagram page.

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