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McDonald’s worker serves up sweet serenades to customers

He likes to choose songs that the customers can sing along to, like "Angels" and "Stand By Me," and his colleagues love it too.

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By Fiona Jackson via SWNS

A McDonald's worker has become a local celebrity - by regularly bursting into song during shifts.

Richard Walker, 31, first sang at the fast food restaurant five years ago - and found that fans returned to ask about when his next show would be.

His manager then offered him a permanent slot at the London Liverpool Street branch, and now he regularly belts out his tunes from behind the counter.

Richard, from Streatham, said: “I sing almost every night. Sometimes just a few songs, sometimes I can go all night long - just call me Lionel Richie Walker!

“I wait for the shift to be staffed well enough so people don't start asking, 'why doesn't he just get my cheeseburger?' - and I will get going.

“Performing is hard work but when I see surprised and happy people dancing, singing, and taking their phones out to film while they wait, I'm humbled.

“I never thought anybody would ever enjoy anything I did quite like this.”

The customer experience leader has been working at McDonald's since 2012, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he first showcased his talents.

He offered to sing a series of songs to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, including "I Can See Clearly Now'," "Don't Worry About A Thing," and "Three Little Birds."

He bought a guitar the day before for the occasion.

Single man Richard said: “I've always loved to sing - at every stage of my life, music seems to appear.

“I offered to sing inside the store, because even if I wasn't very good, the sheer oddity of someone singing over burgers would shocking enough. It would be a memorable novelty.

“Lots of people smiled, waved, donated to our charity, but I really knew I was onto something days later when people came back days later still talking about it.”

He was asked to continue his performances in a permanent slot at the busy restaurant, and has since raised over £2,000 ($2,500) for charity through them.

“You can literally see people say 'Oh my God, he's singing!' and light up when like a bulb when they realise someone is singing in McDonalds of all places, and it lights me up too,” he said.

Richard now believes he’s put on hundreds of shows, belting out Bob Marley, Bruno Mars and Luther Vandross for the fast food lovers he serves.

He likes to choose songs that the customers can sing along to, like "Angels" and "Stand By Me," and his colleagues love it too.

Richard said: “Some sing and dance with me, we're all energized by the customers reactions.

“A few wish I'd just be quiet and make some cheeseburgers, but even they admit I have a little talent sometimes!

“Staff always notice if I haven't sung yet on a shift and some even make requests!”

Richard loves to spread positivity through his music and says that even if he is promoted or moves on, he will still find a way to keep singing for the customers, and grab a Big Mac afterwards.

He said: “Many people tell me how I've helped them through a rubbish time they've had.

“One older woman listened to me singing for weeks and told me I helped her cope with her sister's death - that brought me to tears.

“I like to show people that there we are gifted people behind the McDonald's counter - I hope it improves the sometimes negative stereotypes of fast food workers. We are gifted human beings.”

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