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Watch: Couple shoots gallons of water from giant pump for gender reveal

The couple came up with lots of ideas, but the most unique suggestion came from Josh, who owns a construction company.



By Katie Pearson via SWNS

A concrete contractor came up with an apt way to reveal the gender of his baby - by shooting gallons of blue water out of a giant cement pump in the middle of the street.

Josh Dean, 26, who owns his own concrete pumping business, and his partner, Chloe
Cross, 25, came up with the creative way to surprise their loved ones.

After finding out the gender at a private 16-week scan, Josh enlisted the help of his colleagues to fill the tank with water and dye it blue for a boy - ready for the big reveal.

The excited pair gathered 40 friends and family into the street to watch the moment the bright blue water shot out of the pump.

Chloe, system support officer, from Radstock, England, said: “It looked so dramatic when the water came shooting out.

"We knew it was going to be a good reveal.

“It was such a fun day - everyone was really surprised.

"It was pretty apt - considering Josh's career.”

Chloe and Josh had been together for about four months when they decided to start trying for a family.

The pair were overjoyed to discover Chloe had fallen pregnant in March 2022.

She said: “We were close friends for seven years before we got together.

“I couldn’t wait to start a family with him.”

The pair wanted to jump on the modern gender reveal trend to surprise their loved ones.

They came up with lots of ideas, but the most unique suggestion came from Josh - who owns a construction company called Dean’s Concrete Pumping.

Chloe said: “They use a couple of massive pumps for the cement.

“He thought it would be a cool idea use one and fill the thank with colored liquid.

"I've never heard of a gender reveal like it before."

The pair went for a 16-week scan at RUH, Bath, and invited all their family and friend to the big reveal afterwards.

Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t see the gender of the baby but feeling undeterred, they couple booked a private scan a few days later.

They found out they were expecting a little boy Josh got to work filling the pump ready for the reveal on May 24 2022.

Chloe said: "We had already invited everyone to come and watch so we had to book another scan.

"Josh is the only one who can work the pipe, so he had to find out the gender.

"He couldn't keep the secret from me, so I knew, but it was a surprise for everyone else."

The couple gathered with their family and friends on a street in Radstock near their home to watch the big reveal.

Adorable footage captures the moment blue water comes shooting out of the pipe as everyone watching celebrates the news.

Chloe uploaded the footage onto her TikTok and watched the views racking up - now they have nearly one million views and over 45,000 likes.

She said: "I looked at the clip after one day, it had 10,000 views - I couldn't believe it.
"We wanted to do something fun and a bit different.

"It was a great reveal and we're so excited to meet our little boy."

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