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OnlyFans model wrote book to teach men how to date older women

“I can still be sensual, I can still be sexual, I can still be considered hot at almost 55 and I don't have a perfect body.”

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Elaina St. James (54) who has written a book on how younger men can land themselves a MILF. (Elaina St. James via SWNS)

By Brelaun Douglas via SWNS

This 54-year-old woman has written a book on how younger men can land themselves a MILF.

Internet model/author/mom Elaina St. James wrote: "How to Date Hot Older Women: The Ultimate Guide to Dating Older Women" to help men snag a hot MILF - like herself.

Elaina has male OnlyFans subscribers from all over the world, typically aged 25-40, but some as young as 19.

In her first eight months, she made over six figures and currently makes about $15,000 monthly.

She has 156,000 followers on Instagram, 57,000 on Twitter and 145,000 on TikTok. She also claims to be in the top one percent of creators on OnlyFans.

"It's commonly 24, 25-year-olds and they love the idea of an older woman,” said the single mom-of-one from Chicago, Illinois.

“They kept saying, ‘I would like to be in a relationship with an older woman’ and I realized I should write a book about this. So, I did.”

Elaina St. James (54) who has written a book on how younger men can land themselves a MILF. (Elaina St. James via SWNS)
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When she started out on Onlyfans she was surprised by how much young men adored her “soft stomach."

“They love it and that is a message to every woman out there that feels weird about their stomach or about saggy boobs,” she said.

“Every day I have guys saying, ‘I love your stomach, I love your soft mom tummy.'

“This is stuff that women need to hear because they all want to Kardashize themselves, but I'm telling you real guys and a lot of younger guys fantasize about a natural bod, so don't kill yourself to be perfect because there is no ‘perfect’ and guys really like authentic.

"I know I'm not perfect. I know my body's not perfect. I have a mom bod. I have a belly. I don't like exercising.

“I would much prefer to watch people exercise and eat potato chips and have a glass of wine. I'm a Midwest mom. I eat cheese and I like bratwurst, that's what I do, but I also have fun with it.”

Her top tips for men who want to date MILFs, Mother I’d Like to F*ck, are:

  • Treat them first and foremost like a woman: “We still want to be told that we’re beautiful and desirable. We don’t want to hear ‘for your age.'"
  • Be reliable and honest: “It’s not exciting when you’re an older woman to have a guy ghost you.”
  • Accept that their world will not revolve around you: “Most of us have kids, pets, aging parents, friends that are dear to us, we have other things.”
  • Do things that make their life easier: “As a young man you play on your strengths and one of them is you can come help me clean up my yard and that’s sexy for a grown-up woman.”
  • Do not call them ‘sugar mama’ and do not expect the money: “Typically they will have more resources than you, but I think any older woman of means is going to be highly attuned to a guy trying to take advantage of her for her money.”

Elaina decided to become an internet model a year ago after seeing how well others were doing.

“At that time, I was working an office job and I was just barely making ends meet as a single mom,” she said.

“I saw two news articles on women who were close to my age who didn’t have perfect bodies and they were making a killing on OnlyFans.

Elaina St. James' book. (Elaina St. James via SWNS).

“There were women who were talking about making $150,000 a month and I thought if I could make 10 percent of that, if I could make less than 10 percent of that, that would be life-changing.”

She initially had reservations and even hid her face in the beginning.

"It took a lot of soul searching before I even started an Instagram, let only the OnlyFans,” she said.

“Then part of me was like ‘okay if I don't risk it, I'll never know.’ So that’s why I started without showing my face.

“Then I realized it's tough to make a living so I made the decision and said ‘what's the worst that can happen?’

“I probably won't be married to a future president, but chances of that were slim anyways. I've had my kid and I'm not looking to get married. It would be different if I was 28-years-old and still hoping to find someone because this does limit you.”

Elaina was initially surprised by how many younger men came for her content.

She added: "The first two subscribers I had on OnlyFans were 28 and 29, and I was like why? Why are you guys following me?

"I had been taught by my Midwest mom, as a woman, as an attractive, sensual creature, you disappear when you're about 40 or 50. You're no longer wanted. Guys want the 20 or 30-year-old.

"And they were like ‘no you're awesome. We love you. I have fantasies'."

She says one of the reasons she’s so beloved is because men can tell that she’s having fun with the content she creates.

“I noticed when I was doing my research, a lot of creators, they didn't smile. They looked very serious, they didn't look like they were enjoying themselves,” she said.

Elaina St. James (54) who has written a book on how younger men can land themselves a MILF. (Elaina St. James via SWNS).

"The main key for me is I was having fun and the guys could tell I was having fun because I was smiling.

“Whoever's looking at the camera, they know that I'm having fun and I'm like ‘isn't this funny that we're doing this? I'm older and I'm doing this and it's kind of ridiculous, but do you want to come in on the fun?'

“I've heard 'one of the things I like so much about you is you're a nice person, you're real, you're authentic, you're having fun with this'."

Elaina's 62-page, $4.99, book currently has five stars on Amazon.

Although it’s titled "How to get a hot older woman," she says it's also about how to get a MILF.

"One of the reasons I didn't use MILF is because MILF is actually banned in a lot of social networks," she said.

"On Instagram, you can't use the term MILF as a hashtag because of what it means, you can't use it on TikTok and guess what? You can't even use it as part of your name on OnlyFans."

Her market is men aged 25-40, but Elaina loves that she’s able to inspire other women too.

“The thing that really touches me is when I get younger women that write to me saying I’m an inspiration to them because I don't have a perfect body,” she said.

“That excites me that I can tell younger women you are acceptable, you're beautiful and you can be beautiful whatever skin color or body type you have because there are people in this world that will find you amazing.

“It makes me proud to be a woman that can be looked up to.

“I can still be sensual, I can still be sexual, I can still be considered hot at almost 55 and I don't have a perfect body.”

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