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SKY-HIGH IDEAS: Competition features futuristic skyscraper concepts

Three winners were selected from more than 400 projects submitted.



By Dean Murray via SWNS

From towers that cooperate with swarms of bees to towns built on tsunami-proof stilts – these are the winning entries in a jaw-dropping skyscraper competition.

The eVolo Skyscraper Competition, established in 2006, is an annual award recognizing visionary ideas that through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.

For the 2022 contest, the Jury selected three winners and twenty honorable mentions from 427 projects received.

The first place was awarded to CLIMATE CONTROL SKYSCRAPER designed by Kim Gyeong Jeung, Min Yeong Gi, and Yu Sang Gu from South Korea. The project investigates the use of a series of skyscrapers to modify weather conditions that would improve the global climate crisis and stop desertification, rising temperatures, and natural disasters.

Climate Control Skyscraper by Kim Gyeong Jeung, Min Yeong Gi, Yu Sang Gu, South Korea. (eVolo / SWNS)

The recipients of the second place are Wang Jue, Zhang Qian, Zhang Changsheng, Li Muchun, and Xu Jing from China for the project TSUNAMI PARK. The project is designed as a man-made inhabited mangrove for the Tonga region to prevent tsunamis that would affect the Pacific Rim.

Tsunami Park Skyscraper. (eVolo / SWNS)

NEW SPRING: AGRO-ECOLOGICAL SKYSCRAPER designed by Michał Spólnik from Austria and Marcin Kitala from Poland received third place. The proposal is envisioned as an aggregation of garden modules containing distinct flora and microorganisms that could be deployed to specific regions that would flourish with new life.

New Spring: Agro-ecological Skyscraper. (eVolo / SWNS)

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