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Brothers become first-time fathers after their partners give birth hours apart

The brothers, who live close to each other were stunned when they became fathers and uncles on the same day last month.

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Brothers George (L) and Joe (R) Robinson with babies Oliver and Reggie. (Leila Coker via SWNS)

By Adam Dutton via SWNS

Two brothers who have been inseparable since they were kids are celebrating fatherhood together after their partners gave birth on the same day.

George Robinson, 30, and sibling Joe, 27, had been joking about who would be a dad first after they found out their partners were expecting last summer.

The brothers, who live close to each other in Redditch, England, were stunned when they became fathers and uncles on the same day last month.

Joe’s wife Ellie, 27, gave birth to 7lb 3oz Reginald – who was five days early – at 3.48 P.M. on April 18.

Just two hours and 17 minutes later George’s fiancee Hayley Bocking, 26, had 8lb 3oz baby Oliver via caesarean section at 6.05 P.M.

Both babies were delivered with the help of midwife Ami Turner at Worcestershire Royal Hospital who was coincidentally celebrating her own birthday on that day too.

Brothers George (L) and Joe (R) Robinson with Hayley and Ellie Robinson holding Oliver and Reggie. (Leila Coker via SWNS)
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George said: “We always said we we’d end up being dads on the same day but never thought it would actually happen.

"Reginald wasn’t due for another week but he obviously couldn’t wait to meet his cousin.

"It’s not every day something like that happened. You don’t expect it to happen.

"Joe and myself both found out we were going to be dads at the same time at a family party last year when we both announced the news so it’s funny how it’s all turned out.”

The siblings, who work together at the family’s tree surgeon business, are also expected to become uncles when their older brother Tom welcomes his first child in September.

Joe said: “It was nice to have George there so we were able to support each other.

"The hospital staff were a bit confused about it - we kept getting questions about who we were and why we were there together, because you weren't allowed any visitors.

"When we told them we were brothers and both of our partners were in labor they couldn't get their heads around it."

The new arrivals were both allowed to leave the hospital and return home on the same day.

Oliver (L) and Reggie (R) Robinson. (Robinson Family via SWNS).

Reginald’s proud mom Ellie said: “Hayley went into labor on the Sunday morning and I went into labor the next day.

“We have a family group chat and they didn’t believe us when we said we were in hospital together.”

Oliver’s mom Hayley added: “We hope they will be best of friends, I think they will be little terrors."

Midwife Ami who helped deliver both babies on her 33rd birthday said she had never known two births like it in her career.

She said: “I’ve been a midwife for five years and never come across it before. It was my birthday the same day, too.

“It worked out quite well.

“I’m on the labor ward all the time. I was the lead midwife for Hayley and George and assisting my colleague for Reginald.

“I’m going to try and deliver the other brother’s baby to make it a full house.”

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