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Watch two base jumpers leap from iconic bridge

The video shows the jumpers narrowly missing the road below.

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By Leo Black via SWNS

Two base jumpers were seen jumping off one of Britain's most iconic bridges.

The pair were spotted leaping off Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

Andrew Cleaver, 48, a photographer and teacher, filmed the base jumpers as he was taking his early morning stroll.

The video recorded on Thursday, May 19, shows the jumpers narrowly missing the road below.

Andrew said: “[I was] A little shocked.

"I regularly take an early morning walk before work and have never (in 25 years of living in Bristol) seen this sort of thing before!”

He added: "If the permission of the structure owners had been asked for and approved – then I think its fine.

"However, if permission has not been asked or agreed I don’t agree with it to be honest!”

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